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  1. Granted, but I use the said five dollars to (somehow) hire a hitman to kill you. I wish this wish was not corrupted
  2. Granted, they are real, friendly and invisible. They also live completely isolated. I wish I was the strongest fairy.
  3. Granted but its head asplodes as soon as it growls. I wish I was an ice fairy.
  4. *plants flag on hill while others fight over it*
  5. Metavortexgon Fuse with Xtreme
  6. "God has mercy, I don't."
  7. Path_Light ignored the warnings, and was eaten by a grue.
  8. Touhou Project, Halo, Super Smash Bros., Pokémon, Metal Gear Solid and a few more I can't be bothered to list
  9. Yes, but only if I get to ride shotgun Poster, may I build an army of Evil Mutant Hamsters to take over the world?
  10. MexcessionDragon Fuse with Atomic
  11. SunsetRose died after she tried to mess with ACME explosives.
  12. StomachDragon Fuse with Soviet
  13. I've done a few Nuzlockes before, one was of a Pokémon hack with randomized encounters/gym leaders and I wiped on the second gym because it rolled an OP mon for early game ._. Had to rebuild and overlevel (as in, 13 levels above gym leader's highest) then I beat that one.
  14. I shall play you the song of my people
  15. NoraNora died of cardiac arrest after seeing a tarantula.
  16. Joined in November 2008. Not really active but I'm still here.
  17. NoraNora perished due to someone writing her name on a Death Note.