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  1. I send the paper off to some recycling center. I insert myself.
  2. Granted, slash and growl at him to your heart's content. Too bad he's completely invulnerable to injuries and pain. I wish I was in the U.S. already
  3. Banned because I like to abuse my powers
  4. No, sleeping is for losers anyway Poster, may I leave Brazil and live somewhere else?
  5. Granted, you get so good at TF2 it stops being fun I wish I was not sleepy
  6. Banned for believing you are all powerful
  7. I have an awesome back, kneel before it.
  8. Yes, but you must also get me new headphones as well Poster, may I eat someone's brains?
  9. Banned for having a black & white avatar
  10. Granted, it's now a Silver Dragon trick I wish I didn't live in Brazil
  11. Granted but you can't I wish I was a genius
  12. Path_Light fell into a bottomless pit.
  13. Granted, except your wish causes me to turn into Path_Light since I am the one responding. I hope you're happy now. I wish that had not happened.
  14. Granted, now they don't play at all I wish I could hurl a meteor somewhere in the world
  15. Esko_the_Wolf was eaten by a grizzly bear.
  16. Granted. It has Windows Vista installed. I wish I was my avatar
  17. I'll give you ten bucks for you to not ask why I'm not blue.
  18. Granted, after roaring once you permanently lose the ability I wish I could wipe out anyone I wanted to (except for myself that is)
  19. Geometry Dash YouNoob was eaten by a Gargantuan Evil Space Mutant Hamster.
  20. Banned for always roaring/being angry/growling/whatever
  21. cippisweetForForums got mauled to death by polar bears for no real reason.