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  1. Out comes a legion of angry pig warriors that attack you to avenge their kin I insert Freddy Fazbear
  2. A grumpy old man steals it and springs out from the vending machine I insert my avatar
  3. Draconiusultamius got scared to death by my avatar
  4. Yes, as long as it isn't Doge Poster, may I eat a pizza all by myself?
  5. The caterpillar mutates and turns into a giant butterfly that fires lasers off its eyes. I insert said butterfly
  6. No, but you can marry your hand. Poster, may I (somehow) steal Path_Light's claws?
  7. Granted, you don't have any homework right now, but you'll have infinite amounts of homework starting tomorrow I wish I had something non-harmful to do
  8. Draconiusultamius tried their hand at a suicide bomber career.
  9. I shall gift you with the Holy Shovel, the mightiest of them all, the shovel of shovels. Use it wisely.
  10. Path_Light got sick of living and slashed himself.
  11. Metal Red Eyes Black Dragon Blue Eyes White Dragon angry what Fuse with "Ryu"