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  1. *lassoes Silverlight and runs off with it*
  2. The machine upgrades it into CryptoLocker 2.0 and infects your PC with it. Have fun! I insert the person above me
  3. SULDhasno has the shiniest bald-head of all bald people.
  4. The vending machine divides by zero and causes the universe to implode I insert something to fix the universe
  5. Draconiusultamius plans on taking over the world with an army of green radioactive chimps.
  6. The jellyfish turns into a fishjelly, a fish made of jelly. I insert Chuck Norris
  7. Granted, but you find out you cannot stop growling afterwards. You growl so much that your head asplodes. I wish I had a Death Note.
  8. The Tyrannosaurus Rex turns into a Carnotaurus and promptly eats you I insert L Lawliet
  9. A bunch of cops come out from the machine and arrest you for stealing a Thuwed I insert a Death Note
  10. The vending machine malfunctions and completely mutilates it I insert a Coke
  11. Granted but you find out he's really a demigod and he promptly erases you from existance I wish I had infinite (real) money
  12. Darien wishes to buy dragcave.net and turn it into a shop to sell flashlights online.
  13. Granted but afterwards you have a heart attack for no reason and die. I wish I had more chicken
  14. My money? No. Try swimming all way there instead. Poster, may I give Path_Light a muzzle?
  15. Go ahead. Poster, may I be a fabulous disco dancer?
  16. Granted but it doesn't work I wish I had a break already
  17. No. They are too dangerous. Poster, may I go fight the Kalphite King?