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  1. ((Heyo, I'm still alive. I did message you (had a gut feeling to check this now, one month later) but I'm posting here in case you're following the thread and have email notifications on or something. For any RPers who might be reading this, hope you're doing fine! In case you wanna reconnect with me, my Discord ID is on my signature. I'd love to talk to you guys again and hear of what you're up to!))
  2. Random necrobump to ask... is anyone still around?
  3. Granted, but every 10 words they say, 11 are cuss words I wish I could drink soda
  4. Granted but a higher power presses Ctrl-Z and undoes your wish I wish that did not happen
  5. Granted, you don't have to go to school because you are dead I wish I had infinite Coke
  6. Granted but it costs a billion dollars I wish I didn't have to study
  7. Out comes a GS Ball for you I insert an Inkling
  8. Granted, but you cannot beat the next boss I wish I had someone to play Smash with
  9. I recently got a Wii U (and Sm4sh), been having lots of fun even though I get rekt online. I used a GC controller in Brawl but I'm fine using the Gamepad. I don't really have a main but I enjoy using the alikes of Rosalina, Charizard and King Dedede. Still hoping here they'll release King K. Rool as DLC. (PS: if anyone wanna smash, gimme a heads-up! I'll battle you whether on 3DS or Wii U.)
  10. Path_Light accidentally stabbed himself dead with a fork.
  11. Darien really is a robot designed to entertain forum gamers
  12. Yes, you deserve some rest Poster, may I eat bread?
  13. Out comes a lawsuit from the creators of Yu-Gi-Oh I insert Path_Light
  14. Become the owner of Dragon Cave. I can sell it for more later Would you rather adopt my avatar as a pet or be stuck listening to One Direction?
  15. If you have a death wish, go ahead Poster, may I hurl an asteroid at Earth?