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Currently closed (will open again later): Will trade one of my 2G's for 30 CB Celestial eggs. Your choice in mate. 2G Options: Bronze and Silver Tinsels. 


NOW OFFERING: 3G+ Bronze Tinsels, Silver Tinsels, and Silver Shimmers to all players that do not own one already. If you do not have a shimmer or tinsel, message me and I will work on breeding one for you!


Thank you all, and have a wonderful day! :D

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    Taking a bit of a break from here/dragcave and some other sites. I took some tough courses this semester (18 credits, yeouch!), so I need to focus on those. Feel free to message me whenever still. I'll reply when I can, and I'll keep on my IOU's as always!
    See ya'll soon!
    ~ pika

    IOU's I Owe:
    2G Silv. Tinsel by Truffle to Sinion Kabe
    2G Mutamore by Bronze Tinsel to Lesh4537
    2G Silv. Tinsel by Red to CandraCa

    IOU's Owed to Me:
    CB ND by Sinion Kabe
    30 CB Celestials by Asphyxia (14/30)
    CB ND by Lesh4537
    CB Ungendered ND by Konz (Discord)
    30 CB Celestials by CandraCat (5/30)