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shoko.png I honor my IOU's and accept them from trusted players clocks.gif

Semi-back from a long hiatus, if I owe you something please pm me!



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    UPDATE: Due to a lot of life struggles I haven't been on as much if at all for long periods of time. Because of this many IOU's have been incomplete but I have not forgotten them! If I owe you something I will still fulfill that IOU and will reach out as soon as possible when I can properly complete them once more.

    Graphic design, music, gaming, writing, so many other things but too lazy to list them all! I have family that also plays DC too so don't confuse us please c'x

    Probably well known during the 2017 Holiday event where I gifted over 35 CB Hollies and over 10 CB past-released Holiday dragons. Extremely proud of being an active gifter to those in need. <3

    Many, many thanks to Nathair for gifting me a most beautiful gift. I'll never forget it <3
    Thank you so much to Cori for my wonderful Grave signature!