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  1. Something like this should have been implemented ages ago. Support.
  2. Yeah yeah TJ has said he has said...whatever he said, it was in Sept 2012, girl I worked on my own IB lineages and you don't see me telling other people they have to like it or accept it, Fuzz. Some people might think it's quite disturbing - also for private, problematic reasons which these people do not want to think of -, and there are also kids playing this game. Just because we have no problems with it doesn't mean other people who don't like it have to deal with it or are "wrong". It would be a considerate thing to offer an option for people who don't like inbreeding and to make lineage breeding a tiny little bit easier for players. Such things are much more important than Matrix-Sloths, imao ahahaha! (I love Sloths)
  3. Options have to be totally optional. Make it toggle on/off and everybody can do their thing. There was this thread but TJ shot it down https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...inbreeding&st=0
  4. Yes, a warning that tells you that the offspring will be inbred if you breed two dragons together or a somewhat harsher "dragons which could create inbred offspring are automatically blocked from breeding with each other, like forever, and will never pop up in the mates breeding list" option. I think there was some other thread for this....
  5. @Szayelapporo (First of all, Bleach is <3) I would support a new abandoned page which enables you to switch pages to get away from massbreeding and collect non-massbred AP eggs. I don't know, implement a detector for a certain amount of breeds in the AP or something. Otherwise I see no other way to get away from this..."fun" and still being able to hunt in the AP normally, unfortunately. And while I have absolutely nothing against inbreeding, I think it would be nice to have an option for your own scroll which prevents you from accidental inbreeding.
  6. Well, I would say it's up to every person to decide what makes it worthwile to come back to a game. I would be perfectly fine with just collecting new releases and breeding for other people(helping) if I had everything I needed. I didn't mean to say that everything should be easy. But: in the current state of DC, I cannot even collect everything in the cave without trading. I cannot play how I want without depending on other people => so writing and advertising the game with "you're free to play however you want" is rather misleading in my opinion. I even cannot describe the dragons I collect how I want, even if I don't use bad words? In DC you are put into different player categories from the beginning based on your internet connection, luck (raffles or meeting a generous person) or your ability to sprite and/or making friends. People who don't have luck, good reflexes & internet and no interest in socializing can just watch the others having everything they want on their scroll.
  7. So? I played ToD as well but left because the admin(s) were ..... - I better say nothing. And while the boy here also displays certain behaviour I like the game and my past efforts and work more. It says on the main page: HOWEVER: I cannot get several dragons from the cave (also, NDs!), there are very low chances I'll ever win in the raffle, HM got discarded by somebody after many people supported more shinies, I stopped breeding because since somebody discarded the old default layout it's not the same anymore, description system does not work because for every dragon with description you need approval from certain people who are busy enough with life and the work they do on the forum, there are no Encyclopedia entries for so many breeds, I am still waiting for my 3rd GoN, etc.... I am here to collect dragons. I am not looking for challenge and action. If I want to have challenges and fights I buy a horror game with a story, beginning and end and play it through. DC is a hobby which could be compared to collecting post stamps. I take a few minutes out of my life to look for dragons, get them and leave. And it's nice to know that even if I leave the game for months and come back I can collect everything I missed. DC needs serious fixing.
  8. ...get this shop idea from Thuban going so people can get Golds through collecting something (cannot remember what the suggestion exactly was). Considering that all I have left to do in this game is collecting dragons for my new low scroll goals, ND experimenting and breeding for other people I would NOW be more than happy to earn a CB Gold through another way. Just so that my goals are complete and don't have to bother wasting my time sitting in front of the screen for hours and F5ing.
  9. Just came to the forum to say that: None of the skins we have now are nice to my eyes or/and to how my dragons look to me. I used the old default the whole time (almost 2 years). ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ
  10. Do you mean "if the spriter went inactive people could pick the dragon and work on it" OR "if the spriter went inactive and gave permission people could pick the dragon and work on it"?
  11. Dreams I had several times since I was a kid: teeth falling out or trying to get away from something (dinosaurs - darn T-Rex! - or giants). Running away from something is especially terrible when your body moves in slow motion. Once I was trying to get downstairs but I was floating, like a Ballon dragon
  12. Bossman has spoken. B-b-but I would like to say that egg descriptions probably would have value to some users. Recently I for instance wondered what the egg description for Desipis dragons was - could not remember! - and had to visit the unofficial Wiki, which I do not like to visit because it sometimes takes time to load. Needless to mention that it is unofficial and any information can be added. In the Desipis encyclopedia one can read about hatchling and adult behaviour, but nothing about what the Desipis eggs could do to one after stealing, how they look like, how large they are, how the egg shells feel like. (The egg description is "Being near this egg makes it hard to think clearly.") Considering we unlock egg/hatchling/adult images for the entries and a Wiki being around (even if the egg description were to be kept secret for hunting in the cave, people already run to the Wiki anyway) I personally do not think that adding notes about the egg appearance would be a stretch *runs away*
  13. Bumping because I personally would like to see egg descriptions added at least, it would make sense to note down how eggs look like. All in all support for everything.
  14. Mondat

    DC Lore AMA

    Mondat used forum search function, but nothing happened! I do not visit the dragon sprite part of this forum...at all actually lately/half past year? Still, while a specific shapeshifter breed would surely be nice for my scroll - I have my headcanon for the world story. I like to think that the shapeshifting ability is for every being that has a considerable high understanding of magic and how to use it. But don't mind me, everybody Will think about other things I can ask later. ETA @Dewdropmon: I see! I thought you wanted me to take a look at an already existing dragon. Still, what I wrote above^ still applies. My focus when I talk about dragons who seduce humans/humans who have a dragon as parent is more on the DC world and folklore (my headcanon) - this thread is for the DC lore overall. I did not have a particular dragon breed in mind. I'll never suggest a dragon at dragon request (=publicly, for getting opinions) I am afraid. The only thing(s) you'll ever see from me is when TJ already released it
  15. Mondat

    DC Lore AMA

    Aww, there goes my hope of a dragon shapeshifting into a human to seduce a human for a night and creating half/half babies. Ok, but I read your reply as "yes, shapeshifting is/could be a thing on Valkemare." Please correct me if I am wrong. Apart from your view of mana transformation which I understood as the result of prolonged exposure to raw mana I thought shapeshifting as something "usual" - considering it's a magical fantasy world. In my personal canon I thought a DC being - be it human, dragon or another creature - could take mana (cast a spell) and shapeshift. In case of a human wanting to turn into a dragon, maybe combining Change, Destruction & Creation elemental mana (because I'd imagine you'd need several forces to transform, I also imagine it would be painful) as energy to power & something of the being you want to transform into. A scale from a Gold dragon and BOOM you turn into a shiny Gold dragon. Needless to say, turning into a dragon should be one of the difficult tasks and "rare" as getting scales etc. could be rather dangerous.
  16. Mondat

    DC Lore AMA

    One word: shapeshifting. How common is it in Valkemare? Is there a shapeshifter community(humans who were exposed to raw mana who developed this ability, or "natural" shapeshifters that co-exist)? Are there half-dragon humans?
  17. Lovely new Valentines. Body shape and stealing reminds me of these , ferrets in dragon form
  18. Aaaah, now I get it. And now I get why you wrote what you wrote regarding my reply (I should really take more care how to express what I exactly mean, I am sorry!). I agree with you - there would still be a supply of (extra) holiday eggs.
  19. Ok, I now really have no idea what you would like to hear from me, sorry. Look, I wrote "If people can grab more holidays". I know I could grab extra Pumpkins last Halloween before the wall vanished, for instance. Late evening they were still there and then POOF the next morning they were gone. You write And I am like: "...so? Yes, this might be the case but still, there might be people picking up the eggs" (What should I have written or what point did I miss?) Then you write And I am sitting here "uh, I wrote that if TJ changes his mind, it's fine."(in the sense of adding an extra line or replacing a line). And, he could also remove the holidays altogether if the wall gets too large. What is the problem here now? And please do not misunderstand or bite, I would really like to know.
  20. One Potato to rule them all, One Potato to find them, One Potato to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
  21. And if there's a holiday wall people around the world can grab more eggs or look for something they need, can't they? Yes, as far as I am concerned I am done with this thread. I already made my points and see no reason to rehash everything. I do not know what you guys are doing, but I know what I can do next holiday breeding seasons. But again, I can only speak for myself when I say that I do not think that I'll be bored. All I'll need is the schedule beforehand so I can make use of my egg slots but this is not very different from when I hunt for holidays. By the way: I do remember the Halloween wall which went on after Halloween breeding ended. Still I personally do not have a problem with it. And even if it were a problem: I suppose TJ could remove the holidays altogether instead of coding one extra line for non-holiday collectors. "Holiday season is over, deal with it"-ish.
  22. You misunderstood. You are making this personal/emotional when your focus is on the people in this discussion and not on "1 line of non-holidays during holidays". I do not have more to add which might be productive for this thread. Holiday breeding is 3 times a year and if people can grab more holidays from the AP, I'll gladly let them. If TJ changes his mind, that's fine.
  23. I could not decide if they're flowers, torn out tongues or broken fragments of something...
  24. I have to ask, what are these red/pink things in the middle in Ashikara's picture?
  25. As you and AnanoKimi are most likely also talking about me when you speak of "people" I feel the need to reply to say again that I am not against this - I just do not actively support it because I do not think it's necessary. Which I mostly base on my own observations and tolerance. If I imagine myself not being interested in holidays at all... a. from my past holidays experiences I can tell that there are non-holiday AP eggs, every holiday breeding season since Halloween '13 I had "darn, where are the holiday eggs?" moments. I can also provide a screenshot from Feb 9 8:33 AM JST (= Feb 8 6:33 PM DC time, if I'm correct) where you can see only 3 Valentine eggs although it was the same day Valentine breeding started. b. if there's a holiday wall I would just go hunting in the cave, take care of my breeding projects (there are options) or just wait until holiday breeding is over, it's temporary => as you know C4, I do not celebrate these holidays. But I like the events and the looks of the limited dragons, I even work on some holiday dragons which I hope to submit anytime. (Also love the present matchmaking event because it reminds of a suggestion for breeding I posted last year => maybe a bump is in order...). However I have to, can and will accept that there are some things in the game/mechanics that won't be changed just because of my personal situation/preferance. I am not an evil person. I just do not support things just for the sake of supporting and/or "community feels" - not anymore. So, instead of taking this onto a personal/emotional level it might be better to focus on the topic instead of "people" because assumptions and accusations can make things get really ugly fast?