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  1. @Sock I'd surely appreciate a different egg, but not at the cost of logic... I think the egg we proposed was probably the best representation of what a two-headed dragon egg would look like (if we followed the pattern). Since TJ is not fond of the sprite we proposed I think it'd be better to drop it rather than continue on iffy logic. @Pokemon What about all the other dragon sub-types/types? It'd make more sense to change the shape of a dragon egg based on biomes. Coastal dragons would naturally have rounder, soft-shelled eggs. Alpine dragon eggs would most likely naturally-select harder shells that would have a more difficult time cracking when falling. Whatever else for the other ones. I don't know. I just think if we are going to change shape that we should change the shape of every species (if necessary) and I don't think very many people would be up for that. Sorry for the rant, but that's my opinion.
  2. See, I would normally be all up for a different egg shape, but I don't understand why the shape would be any different. All the other dragon eggs, no matter how different they are, follow a similar shape. I would be okay with different shapes for all dragons... like rounder ones for dragons that lay their eggs in the sea or by the coast (like frogs do in ponds). Perhaps wyrms would be cylindrical, etc, however, I think all of that is a little too much. Hence the common pattern for different eggs is with the size of the dragons, which is why I think the size should change and not too much of the shape.
  3. My Dad is from around Naples, Italy; my grandmother is from Germany; and my grandfather is from Ireland. My paternal grandfather was a soldier in Mussolini's army (even though he was Connecticut-born he moved to Italy due to family). Apparently, he might have been a generation or two from the founders of a well-known dairy industry in the New England area.
  4. I hope you don't mind, but I made one with a rounder top... I'm not sure I like it either, but I don't know. The top of your egg looks weird when put on a wider egg. Edit: You don't have to use this, was just testing how it would look.
  5. I do like the second one a lot.. the first seems unnecessarily large.
  6. Yeah, I saw that afterwards x3 I just saw Vrack's comment and agreed. Anyway, doesn't matter. I think this suggestion is near finalization.
  7. Ooh! That looks much better! Yeah, I think this should be moved to the completed section.
  8. I think this would be a great idea in all honesty. By the time they fill out the encyclopedia they probably already know exactly what they are getting. But let's say they didn't, then they would get an egg they don't want which would end up in the Abandoned Page or killed so it is a great idea! As for changing the mystery eggs... I don't see why not it still remains a mystery (at least for pygmies since all of their descriptions have the word "tiny" in it). This would work even better with a larger variety of pygmies & drakes.
  9. Did we already message TJ about the topic? I mean I don't want to bother him... just curious.
  10. I don't quite understand your points. A whole nother head inside an egg that was only made for one body plus one head is not an enormous difference, however, it's not insignificant (which is why the egg does not change too much). With that being said, evolutionarily speaking, smaller eggs for two-headed dragons would be prone to things like malnutrition since there would be a smaller food supply for a larger animal. Malnutrition would increase hatchling mortality thus naturally selecting a larger egg to supply the hatchlings better. Yes, it does destroy some future possibilities, but you shouldn't refuse something that's logical for such possibilities. Plus, who knows, maybe there still will be a hybrid breed. Edit: Sorry if that came off strong
  11. I wanted this to happen the first time I saw Vampire dragons-- they just don't live (heh) up to current DC sprite standards. I have a question, though. I may be ill-informed, but something dead can still have an age.
  12. Also, dead eggs (cracked shells) should be made unfortunately ;(
  13. Not sure if I even said which ones I like best (idk if it was just stalking or commenting x3), but 21 is my favorite, 16 my second favorite, and if I had to pick a third favorite it would be 12.
  14. Don't get me wrong I love the unique qualities of it to set it apart from the other egg types, but if it's not natural, then it shouldn't be in the cave. But... I refrain since apparently there are eggs that are perfectly round (however rare though), which would seem plausible as there are less two-headed dragons in the cave.
  15. Keep: Antarean Abandon: Terrae Kill: Cassare Nexus, Lumina, Blusang Lindwurm
  16. Yeah, a poll would be good with those. One thing though... 10 seems a little too round to be natural. Oh well, if people agree it will show up in the polls!
  17. I like the idea of it having a BSA-type thing yeah. Especially gems or something. I don't know, but this idea seems kinda interesting.
  18. I am not really active at all... just came to check on some old stuff. If you still are stuck on me with Sphaera II then I came breed one
  19. Yup, just got to my scroll... I hope no problems will occur while I have him/her
  20. If she hasn't accepted, I am back. Just busy with Thanksgiving and a bunch of stuff lately..
  21. The Yellow-Crowned reign wins yet again! New Egg! PM sent to stellalala... hopefully she takes it soon!
  22. The Yellow-crowned beauty has gotten safely to my scroll! Next Sphaera