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  1. I think i have a volcano seahorse but i need to buy an abyssal one
  2. I got pwned by a dragon in skyrim.... stupid elder dragons..
  3. at least it was just weeks Boy this creatures are stubborn
  4. Does anyone else have that one set of breeding pairs that just REFUSE to breed with? I mean seriously, a few years on this game and my hellhounds FINALLY gave me an egg lol
  5. I thought of Shadowmere as a she but hey it works either way. I think Astrid did say thought "He's one of us." But I'm still prone to calling Shadowmere a her. I think summoning arkvak has kinda boosted my conjuration, maybe i don't know, all I know is he is the only thing I ever summon haha.
  6. It took me a while to attack on horseback, I think it's because of the late downloading of my DLC's. So I lost a few horses until i became smart when riding.
  7. Good ole 'durable' Skyrim horses.
  8. The same, too afraid to lose Shadowmere. Arvak is a simple summon and that is that. I remember getting skyrim at first and becoming so excited to get a horse. Then, of course, it was killed easily. Learned my lesson fast.
  9. I lost him on my Khajiit but my Nord girl has her in Riften luckily. Horse gets into so much trouble sometimes.
  10. Haha you made me laugh really hard on that, because it is so true. I prefer to use Arvak because I put Shadowmere in bad situations, I'm afraid to lose him so he is resting outside Riften.
  11. Haha Khajiits are awesome I love them lol
  12. I didn't play the older ones until recently, some of my friends encouraging me to do so. I have to admit I liked the older ones a lot as well. I agree A New Beginning was quite easy and I could zoom through it in a day. Eternal Night always proved a challenge, Gaul was always the hardest boss and I used to get so mad because I couldn't dodge fast enough. I have to admit thought the story line is my favorite of the three. DotD was a challenge at first but now, I could destroy it in a day if I put my mind to it hehe. I never get to play co-op because all my friends prefer Halo and CoD than Spyro. SO I need to find someone else. But I agree, it was the best of the three. I am kind of tempted to get that glitch you mentioned on Malefor, that actually sounds awesome to witness.
  13. You know you've played a game too long when you get way too emotionally attached to a character. Ex: Skyrim DLC Dragonborn (SPOILER JIC) When I learned that Delvin Mallorys brother (Glover Mallory) was Sapphire's father, I about went insane in more ways than one.
  14. I absolutely love the warriors series! Sadly I haven't read any in a long time, been into my other series
  15. I'm watching Bones, love this show
  16. So many to choose from. I want to say Skyrim, but it goes to second. Also with the Spyro series (New beginning etc) but Zelda Twilight Princess is #1 for me!
  17. Was it in penguin suit mode? Because that mode is so much fun but I constantly die from getting carried away... I have a feeling later tonight I shall die playing Mario Add that to the list.
  18. Ah yeah, surprisingly I wasn't into pick pocketing until I made my second (my first was of course my thief Khajiit) character. She is a nord, mostly the same as my Khajiit. Luckily she is a terrific pick pocketer and usually gets all my gold back lol As for helping you find stuff I'm afraid I'm beat on that one. Other than finding and maybe disenchanting the random 35% sneaking or pick pocketing rings and necklaces I'm beat.
  19. Love any and all Spyro games. Except for Skylanders, even though it really wasn't supposed to be classified as an official Spyro game. I think Enter the Dragonfly was my first spyro game that I played. New Beginning as well as the rest of that series was my favorite. But the original ones like Ripto's Rage and all of those are always fun to play. Eternal Night for PS2 was surprisingly the hardest for me to play. DotD is the easiest for me to complete. And DotD is probably my favorite. Eternal Night I admit is close second.
  20. The Dragonborn DLC was so easy for me and I have the game on (not master) a high level. I keep forgetting how many black books there are but each time I think I've found them all I run into another. Solsthiem is a pretty cool place to visit. I like leaving all my stuff in the manor you are given. I would make that my official home if not for me building mine own out by Solitude.
  21. I wish I had exotic pets! The closest I am to an 'exotic' pet is my derp of a cat Sunstar who acts like a lion when he wouldn't even hurt a mole.