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  1. If I understand what you're asking correctly, no. There are 91 spaces in your garden and 111 flowers total.
  2. Some more cute space-themed ones!! I love all the space messages I am getting! <3
  3. ShorahNagi- I thought about that, but I like the base colour of the Bloodscale better. I will have to think about it more though I like the idea of the "angel" pairings, but they look rather nice with Luminas! Decisions, decisions...!
  4. This is my first Valentine's Day event on dragcave and my first Valentine's catch! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to making this possible! The dragons are gorgeous and I love being able to receive and give so many pretty flowers along with sweet messages! <3
  5. Right now I have Ethereal Radiance and King Cupid... although I'm rather finnicky with names, so I'll probably change them later! Haha!
  6. D'oh! I had so much fun looking for colour matches that it completely slipped my mind. Thanks for the reminder, I'll be sure to take that down so I don't taunt anyone else with lovely impossible pairings... :'(
  7. I placed some dragons next to one another to see how they looked. I have links to each of the images below: Radiant Angel x Lumina: The white doesn't quite match but I am liking the gold in each and the similar positioning. Radiant Angel x Red-finned Tidal: I like the positioning of their bodies and their frills. I might think about using this one, too. Radiant Angel x Royal Crimson: Also a very nice pairing that matches well. Royal Crimsons generally look nice with most red dragons. Radiant Angel x Seasonal (Autumn): I like the sort of "opposite" positions and the colour trim, but
  8. I killed a Nebbie once in my first week because I heard its lineage was bad and I couldn't abandon it. I regretted it immediately. :'( I'm sorry.
  9. Very cutely referencing my scroll name. <3
  10. Looks great! Nicely named, too! I've never seen a lineage with that design before! Is there a name for it? Gentle Heals and Gentle Rose are a favourite pair of mine. <3
  11. I was never around for any previous holiday events, but I'm glad the limit has been lifted! It has been very satisfying to be able to catch as many Valentine's dragons as I want without having to limit myself to only two. That way I don't have to be so picky with the lineages (:
  12. "Have a sun flower to match your smile!" -eeveefoxy22 I appreciate every personalized message I've received so far, and every flower, but that one just warmed my heart. ♥
  13. 2g Arsani with Gold father! I've been really lucky with my Valentine's catches this year.
  14. I haven't seen any of them in the cave yet! I've been playing for about a year, though... I don't know if that means I'm fantastically unlucky or I just need to wait longer, haha!
  15. Caught this Sweetling in the AP today! Omg!!
  16. I don't plan on breeding any previous Valentines, although I do have a lovely 2nd gen Rosebud from a Black Tea x Rosebud couple(quite handsome)! I'd love to see Heartseeker x Royal Crimson, that sounds gorgeous. And I think a Seasonal Spring x Rosebud would be a cute flowery pairing.
  17. Inbreeding bothers me for kind of silly reasons. I feel like in reality it would negatively affect the dragon's health, so it makes me feel bad.
  18. ___

    Post Ctrl+V

    ♥ (Aww, that's actually very sweet. I wasn't expecting that.)
  19. I personally don't freeze dragons, so I like to adopt however many Holidays I can and watch them all grow to adulthood.
  20. 1. Turpentine 2. Ember 3. Swallowtail 4. Bright-Breasted Wyvern I love them all very much! ♥
  21. Caught this lovely Valentine! If it genders correctly, I may continue the lineage. I also caught this Rosebud. It's given me the idea for a lineage I may want to create in the future!
  22. Anyx, my vamp. Feliciter, which is the latin word for "happiness", to one of my sunsongs.
  23. I'll admit I'm guilty of dumping without clicking, but that's usually because I'm on mobile. When I have access to a desktop, I try to spend a decent amount of time trying to return the favour to other DC users.