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  1. I use the AP to find dragons I'd like more of, or dragons I'm collecting for projects, like Sunsongs and Nebulas. In that case, the lineages don't really matter at all, so I just take whatever I can get.


    I look for Flamingos in the AP, as well. It's really easy to find CB Flamingos there since most people are looking for CB Pinks instead. I also pick up random commons to use as dummy eggs on reserved gift trades, or sometimes I'll look for commons and pygmies I haven't caught yet, but don't feel like looking for in the cave.


    Sometimes I'll hunt for rares... but I don't really find anything. And I'm rapidly refreshing during Holidays, of course.

  2. I don't think of the dragons as collectables, I think of them as individual dragons, each with their own character and history. I'm not really concerned with the lineage at all. I do appreciate the work breeders put in to creating interesting/difficult/organized lineages, but I won't think less of a dragon due to its messy lineage. And there's no "right" way to play dragon cave, so I have no issue with other people creating or continuing messy lineages and I don't think there should be an obligation for that to be stopped.


    Inbreeding makes me uncomfortable, though. But that's a separate issue.

  3. I'd like to find common(or at least relatively easy-to-get) mates for my Angels so that if a user wants to continue my lineage next year, they may. I liked them with the red-finned tidals at first, but now they're starting to look like they're different sizes...

  4. If we still have flowers in our garden tonight are they all going to disappear?? I did not realize this was going to happen and because I don't know many people on the forum sadly I will not have most of the flowers. I was collecting them

    In my garden. Wish I would have known this and I would have tried to trade flowers or something so I had them :Sigh:


    To those who have sent me flowers thank you. At least I will have 10 pretties

    Yes, tonight the garden will disappear along with all the flowers in it.

  5. I'm going back a few pages but I didnt see- is there any chance that any plants in the garden can finish growing after midnight? Really really hoping to get a dandelion & it would be just my luck to get it right before midnight. I've got everything else I want and I hope the garden sticks around too smile.gif

    The garden will be gone after midnight and so will the flowers in it.

  6. Oh yes! This!


    Especially since we're all on different time zones and some of us *have* to go to bed before the event ends... ;__;


    It would really be lovely if all those seeds at least had a chance to grow up... ^^;;

    I believe TJ has already said that any flowers unsent before the event's end will "go to waste", so I assume the same goes for ungrown flowers, as well.


    The event ends at midnight Cave Time(EST) on Thursday night(so technically, Friday morning). Please correct me if I am wrong.

  7. A HUGE thank you to Monana and Seiti both for my two new beautiful eggs:


    A lovely Silver, courtesy of Monana,

    and a gorgeous Ice, courtesy of Seiti.


    I am SO happy!!! Best Valentine's Day presents ever from two very sweet and generous people! I have already PMed them with a thanks but I would like to gloat here, partially because I am excited for my first Ice and Silver and also because I would like to share their kindness :)

  8. if we can't get the pink ??? then why do i have one?

    unless you mean that we can grow them just not trade them???

    The pink ??? has been confirmed by TJ09 to be unobtainable for the event. Can I see a picture of the flower? It might actually be a colour that isn't pink.

  9. Went to the cave to get a CD Daydream. Couldn't find one. Ended up with a CB Copper.


    My FIRST CB Metallic EVER since I startet 2009! I'm so happy :D

    Congratulations on your first CB Metallic! That's quite a long time to have to wait, you definitely deserve it :)

  10. I didn't even know we didn't get to keep our gardens =( I was quite sad to find that out just a few minutes ago, and since I'm going to bed and I'm not too sure when the event ends, I won't have too many collected, maybe 11 different ones from the whole bunch? I know it's more than some people have, but I'd still have liked to get a bit more, if not the whole collection. I don't unfortunately have anything grown to send out right now (just sent my last 3 grown ones to some friends)...


    Oh well, I guess I'll take what I got with the little time I was able to be on DC during this event, and not whine XD

    Thursday, February 20th is the last day for this event. What flowers do you still need for your collection? I will be more than happy to send you some :)

  11. I'm pretty late posting this but I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone involved in creating the Valentine's Day event!


    I also wanted to tell you how amazing I think the flower idea is ^.^ I really enjoy getting them and going back to look at them smile.gif I also really enjoy giving them to friends or sending them randomly!


    Thank you so much for everything ^.^


    Can't we just send flowers that we want to keep to ourselves?

    You cannot send flowers to yourself.

  12. I got it too! I planted it and now I can't find it! I have no idea what it is!

    These are the 3 full-grown versions of the ??? plant. The pink is unobtainable.

    user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image


    These are its previous stages of growth, before it is full-grown.

    user posted image


    Once a flower in your garden is full-grown, you can click on it and the name of the flower will be located below its sprite on that page.

  13. *bangs head on table* Soooo many things have been slipping my mind these days... Silly me. Too bad though, Day Glory Drakes and a Radiant Angels are both so pretty!

    Haha, don't worry! I almost made that same mistake. Instead I tried to pair them with Bloodscales... *facepalm*