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  1. I were a brony in 1 1/2 years..me and my boyfriend were really obsessed I drew tons of ponies jumping around on my schoolbooks, on every piece of paper i came across and i had around 23-25 ponies standing in my bookcase and mlp was the only thing me and my bf were talking about...but the season 3 finale ruined it for us both. Well...Hasbro took the only thing I enjoyed in my dark period of life..I'm thinking about to put my ponies up on Ebay or something...I'm trying to tell myself that brony-period is over but deep inside of me I'm still one...:/
  2. Heavy metal, viking metal, folk metal, power metal, classic rock, rockabilly.... *BOOM EPIC MUSIC GENRE CHANGE* ...dubstep, techno, hardstyle...
  3. Another metalhead here.. My whole family is metalheads/rockers so yeah. Anyway, I LOVE Symphonic metal and Viking metal. I really like Dimmu Borgir, Ensiferum and Equlibrium and lots of other bands..