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  1. Crash Bandicoot: Warped to Playstation 1 of course.
  2. I have actually never played as Khajiit O.o' Sorry bro, I'm 99.99% sure it will only be on PC.
  3. I loved to play Spyro : Year of the Dragon on my brothers ps1 when i was younger ^^ Oh good ol' times...<3
  4. ...when your eyes burns when you goes out of your room.
  5. One does not simply moonwalking into Mordor..
  6. I've been together with my boyfriend Robin in 2 years now He lives 9 hours from me..He's one year younger than me (he's born -98 and I'm born -97). I'm on traveling foot almost every 2-3 months, quite a hassle but those weeks I'm feeling so happy again and life seems so bright. But this year haven't been so funny for Robin.. Our relationship haven't been so good lately..He's bipolar and are in his dark period...again..He's refusing all help and I'm feeling so ~Please censor the whole word~ useless.
  7. I have lots of favorite Pokémons. I like water, dragon and fire most! Pokémons I have always love (both in battles and in general) : Some other awesome Pokémons: I have never catched a shiny, but I think shiny Rapidash, Latios and Charizard looks really cool
  8. Skyrim was okay, but I prefer Morrowind and Oblivion c: My two favourite races is Argonian and Nord
  9. I remember one i had in 4th grade. I dreamed about a baby with fingers growing out of its arms. Still creeps me out
  10. "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend."
  11. Some of mom's cake and coca cola. I'M SO HEALTHY.
  12. I want to live in Cyrodiil Ofc, some years after the Oblivion crisis.
  13. My phobias and fears.. -Social phobia(being in cities,crowded areas etc..) -claustrophobia -The phobia when someone laughs it's because of me... doesn't remember what that phobia was called.. -Afraid of heights -Afraid of clowns -Afraid to riding on horses. A horse threw me off when I was 12 and I fainted and it almost ran over me and if it did, my head would probably get crushed.. -Afraid of water and getting drowned -Afraid of zombies -Afraid that an apocalypse will come -Afraid of bees and wasps -Afraid of girls. Lol i know...but I've been bullying by girls since first/second grade.. -Afraid of aggressive persons -Afraid of darkness -Afraid of persons that's shouting at me -Afraid of virus epidemics will break out -Afraid of big cities -I'm sightly afraid of goats. A goat climbed up on a small rock and rammed me in my stomach with its horns D: ...
  14. My two cornsnakes (Alice) Cooper, the red one and (Marilyn) Manson, the brown one. It was my brother and stepfather who named them Cooper are 15-16 months and Manson 12 months. Both are opposites of each other. Cooper is pretty lazy and you'll find her often somewhere hiding while Manson climbs everything she see and during feeding time Cooper constantly attempts so attack everything that moves and Manson gets startled if you're moving the mouse
  15. I'm enjoying SkyDoesMinecraft and some of his friends videos but are not a fan. I like watching PewDiePie too when I'm bored ^^ I've randomly met him on the streets in Guthenburg 2 years ago. Funny guy irl too
  16. AWESOME!!!!!!!1 First Despicable me 2 and now this
  17. Equestrian girls.....ugh, I want to puke. I wonder what Lauren Faust thinks about both new Twilight and Equestrian girls..
  18. I've always been older than my age and that's something I've heard lots of times from my big brothers friends, from my parents and their friends etc.. I HATE being with persons younger than 18 I'm thinking so much and i can't talk with persons under 18 with the feeling they doesn't understands how i'm thinking and they tends to look at me in a strange way like "how the f*ck do you think?"..How they behave and saying retarded stuff that just pops out and gives me immature answers like a 7 year old...oh god I can't stand it! I have also difficulties being in school because of that. Living trough their friends and spams facebook with their stupid pictures....and how they're joking about things like suicide for example..seriously I'm getting sick...-.- I have only two friends, one is my boyfriend but he lives 9 hours from me and he's one year younger than me (he turns 15 years 27 august) and he feels just like me and going trough the same thing as me..we've been together in 2 years btw My other friend lives in the same city as me and she's 30. Sorry...I needed to write myself off.
  19. Remember kids, do not eat green potatoes! You can die