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  1. (Major And Minor Updates Have Made One Chapter One And Two. More Grammar Fixes Coming Soon. XP )
  2. (Chapter Three, This Is Extremely Short Because It's The Narrator) I. Am. Bored. Three words that had been rotating around my mind for as long as I can remember. Longer then people now care to remember for. I am not sure why I have always been bored, I have traveled and all. Seen and done things people could only imagine. Yet it is something that is, was, and as it seems always will be. Now I don't want to seem all down, depressed in my first entry. In fact I'm making this book to have a little fun. Something I think we will all enjoy. But firsts is first, I want you to think f
  3. (Chapter Two) Thats all I really need to say now, details need to be hide and I don't quit trust the security of my phone. I need a safe play to leave it… September 10th, 2012. 8:45 p.m. Today was a usually tough day for me, Mr. Jens had to be readmitted. I hate to see him leave the team, but I suppose its for the best. He really needed a break, like the rest of them. I hope that that isn't me soon. I don't think I can go back, although by then it wouldn't be my choice would it? I'm retiring soon, and I don't want to be readmitted. This life is so much clearer, and real. Any I
  4. I Hope Bikes Count... And I Hope A Toy That Isn't Mine Counts >.> If Not I Can Post A New Picture, For Now Though My Brother On His Bike
  5. My little brother got a cliche goldfish at the fair once. It lived for four years. I don't really know much about fish, but I've had to deal with treating several pet fish with ick. That's it.
  6. I'm fifteen, but what I 'act' like highly depends on who I'm around. Several times I've been mistaken as an adult. When I'm around my friends I'm immature, but not as much as them and I'm quickest to stop fooling around.
  7. I want to join! Scroll Name - This_Relm Forum Name - This_Relm PM Link - http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...MID=205423]Here All but one of my eggs I got from the AP anyway :3 I might as well join.
  8. I once dreamt of a weird opposite of the one I lived in, at the time. I lived with my father, and I had an older sister. The catch was everything was poisonous and out to get you. For some unknow reason I was outside, being chased by several things. Once I got to my house the door was locked, by my sister and she wouldn't let me in. I attempted to scale the house. I ended up on a bench, my foot slipped through the a crack and a poisonous flower killed me. The dream didn't end, I had after images of animals eating me like I was a candy bar. Most vividly a brown bear. I had this
  9. I got a 16, I kept staring at it and everything started blending together. >.< Oh well.
  10. (This doesn't really have a title yet. So far I've gone with The Diaries of Real People, but I don't really like it. Anyway, moving on. This is chapter one, the beginning is really slow sorry. I hope you still like it anyway. Constructive Criticism is wanted/welcome, but please P.M. me.) I am Lilith Farida September Third, 2062. I discovered a peculiar container in the library, decent size not overly large. The box sat in the back, past all the book downloads, computers, and video screens. I am not sure if I should have been able to go back there (since I did go through a door
  11. My aunt make mash potatoes with absolutely no chunks. They're good, but unusual.
  12. I, This_Relm, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.