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  1. Banned because Lunar Dragons are too cool.
  2. *Me, Stalking Biomes This egg.. scalesblah; This egg is slimyblah, This egg is hiddenblahh, This egg smells faintly like brineblahh, This egg is a lush green hu- WAIT WHAT?! Same story with dino and paper. |D
  3. Marik's deck. O U O Tis nice. Dem Tombkeepers. And stuff o v o
  4. easy not much mixed in. o Uo youll only get a mixed if your very unlucky. > v O
  5. the costal is amazing. < v > I doubt that these will be caveblockers....
  6. cmon, TJ's eggs... hatchhhhh ; n ;
  7. Caught a desert... And locked myself again. > v > Now all that's left is to wait for the babies to hatch. Q v Q I can't wait to see the deserts. I'm sure they'll be gorgeous. Q v Q;;
  8. yay! > v < cant wait to see it Q v Q
  9. does that mean that release will soon be over? ; x ;
  10. I was just casually stalking the Desert (even tho im locked. > v > coz im like that) And i saw a purple. someone must have clicked on it. instinctivly. |D ~Lineage links, please, and do be careful about posting eggs that don't belong to you - we wouldn't want it to get accidentally sick!~ /4QWiz]here, i went back and saved the link. o uo[/url] hsss. > u > well anyway. i saw a purple. ; x ;
  11. lolikr |D 5 people like woooot. I wonder if these will be rare. o U o
  12. annnd its down to 55 people! > v < *55 herpderp
  13. ughhhhh seriously people, how do you do it ; _______ ; am i just super slow or what....
  14. oh. with this rate, im screwed o u o But owell |D
  15. how long will the eggs be appearing in the biomes? o u o
  16. .____. is it even possible to catch one?
  17. I dont really trade much c: I ask people to breed me stuff, and in return I give to others ^ v ^ a few days ago, I gave away my spiral silver x rosebud, 2 soulpeace hatchies, and some other semi rare stuff I cant really remember ( ) and the next day, this guy is messaging me with an offer to give me two shimmer hatchlings * v * ill be sure to breed them and give them to newbies who need shimmers more than I do Q v Q what goes around comes around, as they say!
  18. A graphic tablet, because I can. |D
  19. Your Forum name: dragon_cave Your Scroll name: dragon_cave The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): a6q8w, YUujm Egg type: albino, white Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): it died while fogged. so never? Time of Death: -- Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 1037/86/2, 12/6/1 both dead. the end.
  20. well, for one, I hiatused a lot. because I didnt know about click sites and everything I had ended up dying (unless someone put my dragons in ers, and I thought it was a miracle) overall, I missed 3 years of dc. oh, and I just found the forums now. in august altho ive been playing since 09 yeeep.