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  1. You can stalk people's forts. 8D For example, link to mine --> http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/dragon_cave Late Do so by changing the last part of the link to the username o 3 o
  2. Trying to figure something strange out... It let me fix my fort with 0 snow e _ e Need 4 loose hits to see if it happens again~ Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: dragon_cave
  3. yep. sorry I just fixed my fort! My Fort's Level: 11 HP Prior to Repair: 0 Max HP: 5 Snow to Repair: 0
  4. 5. sold my last igloo for three snowballs... I'm level 11, 27 xp...
  5. Edit Omg, SolarCat, did I just repair my fort by your account? o A o I'm so sorry you had to gain no experience, and waste snow.. I honestly didn't know my fort would be destroyed with like one freakin snowball. Meep. No game for me for another hour~ Omg... So my fort just got destroyed. And I had only one igloo. 5/5 health I had no snowballs, no nothing. And it let me repair my fort for free Is this supposed to be happening? :I
  6. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: dragon_cave destroy my fort?
  7. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: dragon_cave
  8. Wouldn't that make a great christmas present. ; u ; )b When do you celebrate christmas? o: Because maybe you can try to wait until a few days after the cooldown's finished. o: I summoned two consecutive GONs because I didn't dare summon until 3-4 days after the cooldown. o: Sept 29th Oct 14th I more like forgot but that's not the point~
  9. http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...0entry6249467 ; u ;
  10. Well not in my case. At the time, I only had one CB thunder. My Ices were 2nd-3rd gen. And all my Magmas were inbred I don't think having the same amount of each kind of dragon is the key here either. I had around 10 Thunders and maybe 5 Ices when I summoned my GONs, and like 2 Magmas. :I
  11. I remember trying twice. With an Ice. Back then I was like, I'll never get a GON. I'll be trying for years. I took a break from it for a few days after the cooldown was over. Then I yolo-ed one day and tried summoning with my first Trio dragon, an inbred Magma. Well, It worked. 16 days later I was back. Once again I chose a completely random trio... And now I have two GONs. From what I figure, (and I may be wrong) only some of the dragons you use to summon can actually summon, so trying with the same one is the road to failure. Also, it's best to summon a few days after the cooldown is finished. Worth a shot~
  12. Banned for banning for the same reason 'gain~
  13. Banned because carving walrus tusks is hard.
  14. Banned because details details~ <3 cough >> Banned for thinking. <3
  15. Banned because I sit in my igloo all day, carving walrus tusks and we call that school. Aha. Ahahah.
  16. Banned because that sounds delicious :<