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  1. Eh, I really don't care what they'll look like as I'm sure they'll be beautiful but I yearn to have one just one rare dragon that no one else has. But, like 99% of the rest of the DC members our chances are probably slim and none. I've never been lucky and haven't even seen one of them go to at least someone I know to have a chance to trade for a second gen out of them. It's a lovely idea each year but I wish there were a little bit more (numbers wise) of them since the DC members are so high). I've forgotten how many were given out last year? Was it fifty or less?

    I may be wrong, but I think 60.. o 3 o

    10 gold, 20 silver and 30 bronze


    Oh and HM's o u o

    Edit: There were 40 HM's. Thank you Evolette. C:

  2. Gotcha!

    Scroll name: dragon_cave

    Threw a snow-ball at: novembermond (10 damage), lilac_lily (11 damage, destroyed fort) LittleIslander, Zarago


    Told you guys I'd make up for it. xP

    Dont throw things at me please. |D You'll just waste your snow

  3. Gotcha!

    Scroll name: lilac_lily

    Threw a snow-ball at: Romani, dragon_cave

    You toss a loose snowball at dragon_cave's pile of rubble, dealing 0 damage.


    You gain 0 experience points.

    SRSLY DRAGON xd.png



    I owe two people fort-destroying now. 8D

  4. Hit me with it!!!

    Scroll name: novembermond



    Scroll name: novembermond

    Threw a snow-ball at: Amazon_warrior; I also threw at dragon_cave but since their fort was already destroyed, it was a complete waste of snow sad.gif

    sorry OTL

  5. Does your fort being completely destroyed have any negative effects other than snow cost? I've been terrified as I work for 8 hours tomorrow and have no net access during that time.

    No, no that I've noticed.


    I've had my fort destroyed, repaired, and now it's destroyed again.

    So if you're asking whether or not when a person's fort is destroyed they're out of the game completely, then no. biggrin.gif