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  1. So I take an egg out of the AP, put it in 3 click sites, go to sleep and this happens. >> almost 18,000 views? Come on. D:
  2. I may be wrong, but I think 60.. o 3 o 10 gold, 20 silver and 30 bronze Oh and HM's o u o Edit: There were 40 HM's. Thank you Evolette. C:
  3. Just caught a leetle. o 3 o Like how did that happen /shot And to think i refreshed it like maybe 3 times before I realized there was a leetle, and even switched biomes (and then switched back). W o w w h a t . o 3 o
  4. I really like every variation ; u ; Snow angels are so beautiful~ I have a tri-colored, and her mother is tri-colored, but her sister has white wings. I find that amusing for some reason. |D I'm hoping my second Snow Angel has white tipped wings, ; u ;
  5. I got a Wacom Inkling, Wacom Intous 4 and some Copics ; u ; Really eager to try everything out Q U Q <3
  6. I caught one in the AP ; u ; A 5th Gen EG Thuwed ; u ; So happy eep <3
  7. Gotcha! Scroll name: dragon_cave Threw a snow-ball at:kitanapaladine No need to throw at me tho. C:
  8. Gotcha! Scroll name: dragon_cave Threw a snow-ball at: Oboe13 Ehem. Sorry for destroying the fort ; n ; I planned to stop just before I destroyed it but um. >_> Well, I hope I helped him out ehe~
  9. not finished tho 8| wasting all of my ice destroying forts 8DD
  10. Gotcha! Scroll name:dragon_cave Threw a snow-ball at:auster26 maybe more than a few @> u >
  11. Gotcha! Scroll name: dragon_cave Threw a snow-ball at: LibbyLishly Three icicles
  12. *cries softly* Im so sorry again. D: Ill just. Leave now. :I
  13. Gotcha! Scroll name: dragon_cave Threw a snow-ball at: novembermond (10 damage), lilac_lily (11 damage, destroyed fort) LittleIslander, Zarago Told you guys I'd make up for it. xP Dont throw things at me please. |D You'll just waste your snow
  14. You should sleep. o A o The event will go on until, what, the 2nd of January? That's almost two more weeks for you to get to level 25, and most people who started playing yesterday are already that. There's plenty of time~
  15. SORRY AJHSS. I owe two people fort-destroying now. 8D
  16. Gotcha! Scroll name: Dragon_cave Threw a snow-ball at: Lilac_Lily, Ramani Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: dragon_cave
  17. Gotcha! Scroll name: Dragon_cave Threw a snow-ball at: arula.. twice.
  18. No, no that I've noticed. I've had my fort destroyed, repaired, and now it's destroyed again. So if you're asking whether or not when a person's fort is destroyed they're out of the game completely, then no. 'd...
  19. So hypothetically, to get a ticket for the raffle, you need a golden badge, and maxed level right?
  20. I'm sorry, is it just me, or is Evolette's badge thingy still silver? I mean, if she reached the max level, then shouldn't it be logical that she has a golden badge? Or is it golden or idontunderstand