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Try Your Luck, Win A Prize~Nah just kidding you'll become a zombie LOL Slowly Recovering From My Hiatus. I'll begin to work on my IOU list asap. Thank you so much to all that have waited, it's much appreciated. ♥ If I owe you anything, PLEASE remind me about it! ;v; I can be very forgetful~Also, Thanks to Dustpuppy, Iside, Wortgewaltig, Enigmatron, and Wiz TvT You guys are so sweet... /sobbu. To imagine that theres people out there like you.. Thank you <3inamem10.gifdragon_cave.png

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    Elephant Island, Antarctica~
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    Tecca- Lumie's Vivid Moon x Moonstone
    Syleye- R o s e R i b b o n x Moonstone
    bantymom- 0/10 Seawyrm Hatchies (Sept 7th)
    Stormwizard212- 0/15 Common Hatchies
    Blue Nadir- Shi-ny x Gol-den; Luminescent Ruins x (?)
    TheDoggy - Shi-ny x Gol-den
    Enigmatron - Lumi Ruins x You Wanker, Shi-ny x Gol-den

    Marik Ishtar all the way! > v <