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  1. I actually agree with this. But there are some kind of bingo that based on pure luck such as code related ones. Size of scroll actually matters on these. I might overthought on something.
  2. Go fish. Seems like 2nd is highest one that I have. Checker formed with single breed that has multiple form.
  3. Welcome back! Yes, this site is still active. Had been changed for fitting in modern internet tho
  4. I'd like to suggest set more detailed division over platinum tier from next game. Seems like to there's not that many newbies come into this game and this game seems becoming closed party. I think it is not that fair for setting same goal line for the one who has 2050 dragons and over 10000 dragons. One of my thought was making goal line two points higher for every 2,000 dragons in their scroll. It is just my opinion.
  5. F5 bingo secret bingo? secret bingo?
  6. Round 1: //R1. a 2nd gen Balloon dragon //R2. an Evengen Lunar herald dragon (3+ gen) R3. a CB Albino dragon Bingo! R4. a Red Clored dragon Bingo! //R5. a Evengen Kingscrown dragon (3+ gen) R6. a Tupertine dragon Bingo#
  7. https://dragcave.net/view/aEd6y What was 'guilty' again? Code that has five of these: {1,I,l}
  8. And again, who even thought about put **** circuit breaker on each room? Its switch is even right beside light switch.
  9. Welcome! Nice to meet you too!
  10. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!
  11. Previous host changed example of terminology to their one. I'd suggest to revert them.