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  1. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!
  2. Seems like my bingo is scattered quite much but - R3 - Bingo!
  3. Oh my - do they really exist in same scroll?!
  4. R2. Bingo! R4. Bingo! - CB shimmer
  5. Round 1 Challenge Bingo Ch1. The longest EG Purebred lineage you have Bingo! If inbreeding is issue, bingo instead.
  6. I found something obviously suspicious and have no clue about that
  7. Welcome to forum! Hope you enjoy! Another user from 2013 here!
  8. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!
  9. I'm in diamond too! As it is first time your hosting, I'd like to say try to manage length of game around 4 weeks.