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  1. ERROR/10 ERROR:you've entered too high/low number. please enter number between 0 and 10
  2. 'there' is the place where you are. and the place where I am talking about was Seongnam, South korea.
  3. Here is hot and humid. and little bit cloudy.
  4. I am Korean. and all of my family are korean;
  5. If you feel hard to find difference, see somewhere empty. Then you will see black bar which are not actually there. Wait until that bar disappear, you might be find difference easier.
  6. Your score: 0 Gender: Male Age range: 16-19 Best score for your gender and age range: 0 Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520 1520!
  7. Pencil or fountain pen(parker sonnet)
  8. I use English more in online these days.... =ㅂ=
  9. Holy Wood! (not hollywood)
  10. Clicked a white egg on AP, and description of that egg was "This egg gives off a beautiful glow"
  11. I use Korean. - Korea's official language.
  12. My first adult dragon is this ochredrake it's one of few dragon which it's name is not based on it's own code in my scroll.
  13. I saw gold egg in AP, checked it on wiki, click that egg, That egg was taken by someone. haha....ha.... P.S. I always see rare egg at cave. such as thunder, gold, cheese, paper.... And I accidently press F5.
  14. In Korea, maximum level is 250 in these days.
  15. I used to play this. This game is addictive. My father hooked on this game. I saw he play that, his level was 201 (don't remember what his character was.)
  16. When I bought cell phone, I want to send text message to myself. So I typed something (Don't try to know what it was)and I send it. And someone whose phone number is same as mine except one number replyed.