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  1. I will give you 1. Take that or you can also start from 1.
  2. It's been rained, so temperature problem solved(it's 23C now). Now let's discuss about humidity problem.
  3. Because they listen music when they are making soup. Waiter, there's a $100 bill in my soup.
  4. Thanks TJ! I am waiting for Dragon Encyclopedia.
  5. Sunny. It's late morning here, temp is 25C(77F) Weather forecast say today's highest temperature will be 31C(88F).
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Am_Legend_(novel)
  7. At real life, there are railway at near my campus. I was at there in dream. I saw some switch on railway. I turn that switch. I saw flash. I turn that again. I saw flash again. I saw a sign that under that switch. It said that lever doesn't work. I went library. I was reading book. I cut some parts of book for my homework. And I saw another hole in next page. I reliaze that it wasn't my book. It was belong to library. I visited DC, I get one egg. It was mushroom egg(?) that was hatched to mushroom soup. I saw someone was running to me. I was running away. I get in one room and try locking door. But door wasn't lock. ...etc... Those scenes aren't connect well, but they are in one dream.
  8. 27C(81F). It's morning here. Sunny and humid. I have to run dehumidifier.
  9. 더 높은 숫자로의 접근이 거부되었습니다. Access denied to higher number.
  10. I ate something and I forgot what that was.
  11. Forbidden city This was taken in my travel to Beijing. That day was really hot day, but I looked around inside of forbidden city. After that, I hiked the mountain which back of the forbidden city. And I saw this.
  12. I rode elevator. It's interior was pink. I get off at top floor and there was candy store. I chose donut shaped jelley and some chocolates. I ate them and they were tasteless.
  13. It's cool because it's night here.