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  1. I just unknow future but ain't I go high. (?!??!) rkdtjrgh
  2. Fine. Cloudy and cool breeze blows.
  3. Nothing yet, but I'm going to eat potato.
  4. That soup is too "clean" so you are looking at your face. Waiter, there is a 18GB USB drive in my soup;
  5. Long time no see, George! Here is sunny and cool breeze blows.(until temperature is still hot.)
  6. Yesterday was the day when my grandfather died, so I ate the food that used for ancestral rites.
  7. Rain stopped. Cool, sunny morning.
  8. I agree. But sometimes simple letter are removed. Example. "亖" This was four. (which doesn't use now.)
  9. 二 貳 弐 貮 贰 These are all different versions of 2. (pronounced same in Korean. [이])