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  1. All I had was not 'exotic' I want snake tarantula, but rest of my family don't want them.
  2. Bump. I built one at last November. I keep adding something on that one until March. And that became this.
  3. Tumblr is a strange social network but lots of people use it' == Type; This station is gongneung, Seoul National University of Science & Technology. The doors are on your left.
  4. It's hot here. Hopefully, it isn't humid yet.
  5. I go to school. It was high-school building, but it looks like one of oldest building in campus(in real life, it uses ivory color brick, but that one use red brick.) I went to classroom. There were only three students. I see attendance sheet and most of students name were written with English and deleted (ex. Sukho Kang). And I remembered I was one of survivor from that disaster. (in dream) Most of 1st grade student died at field trip. There was big fire in inn where 1st grade student sleeping.(in dream)
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    I use red because I like keep default setting.
  7. Granted. But mute is on. I want grow lotus flower.
  8. I skipped breakfast for 3 days. I am not mood for eat something...