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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miyeok_guk Tomorrow is exam and I don't know why I ate it.
  2. It's really humid but not that hot.
  3. Under the dome That dome is part of AK plaza bulding in Bundang. I will change my entry to this;Metal letter This is one of my campus building. Busniness Incubation Center. When I saw this, Some of letters were gone.
  4. 30 degree celcius and 49% humidity.
  5. 21 degrees celcius and cloudy and humid.
  6. My avatar is one of my picture that used optical illusion. When I did that, I was really boring. So I drew some lines in desk and took picture of them. Well, there are no reason to chose that picture to avatar. (Maybe I chose that just because it is my photo.)
  7. Forecast say it's partly cloudy, but I think it's mostly cloudy.
  8. I have few interest in World Cup, but I hope Korea could go quarterfinal.
  9. Fair sky, hot (26 degree C) humid air.
  10. I just unknow future but ain't I go high. (?!??!) rkdtjrgh