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  1. It was sunny during day. It's night now so cool now.
  2. I didn't chosen. Thanks anyway for new features!
  3. What a "hot" friday! Sunny and 30 degree Celsius.
  4. Papers, please GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA!
  5. It was hot and cloudy and heavy rain fell, sunny and hot now. What a chaos!
  6. There were thunderstorm yesterday. I see thick clouds until now.
  7. I also have 502 bad gateway message in South Korea.
  8. When I was six, I had asthma. I quit kindergarten since that day. It made me alone for two monthes. I think that period made me individual.
  9. It rained yesterday here, so it's really humid now. (Rainy season seems starting here;;
  10. My all exam are finished but my grades are...