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  1. There was shower but it was end and now humid, cloudy.
  2. It was rained but it was stopped and now just cloudy and humid now.
  3. I reserved treatment on Wednesday morning, but I misunderstood it was today so feels tired now.
  4. Hot and humid. Sky seems clear. Good weather for mosquito having party on my body
  5. Was slightly rained, but it seems stopped now.
  6. I want to be dragon. Two wings, four legs. Btw, it is still nice drawing. I can only draw creatures on that angle too. It was almost 3 years ago. I'm thinking about restart drawing..
  7. Stele It is in Chunwang Peak. Highest point in South Korea peninsula. It says "Here is source of Korean's sprit".
  8. My dad got into hospital because of lung cancer in dream. I don't know why because he quit smoking almost 10 years ago. I think several days passed in dream. Surgery was successful- and I woke up at that moment.
  9. Doughnot(that failed to make its shape.)
  10. Raining and windy. (Typhoon is coming)
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sujebi
  12. Hot and humid. I felt it was slightly rain before I got home.
  13. Today was my cousin's first birthday stone party so I had buffet.
  14. Baked potato. reminds myself in two years ago. I ate them almost everyday in breakfast. Today was lunch though.
  15. ShVulturesh fuse with "battery"
  16. Cloudy. (But sometimes I can see blue sky though) and windy, humid.
  17. marsh20000shmallow fuse with "19970120"
  18. Overcast and sometimes raining. (It doesn't now though.)