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  1. 28 celsius and humid, cloudy. Typhoon is coming.
  2. Deep ocean biomes. Underwater.
  3. Sponge, Prismarine, Sea lanterns are the materials that used on water temple. There are 8 gold blocks in "treasure room" You can get Prismarine Crystals Prismarine Shard if you kill Guardian there.(in vanilla 14w27b)
  4. It's cloudy all day. Rain dropped little during morning.
  5. I use only one;The Allure of Neglected Dragons
  6. http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Baked_Potato
  7. Cloudy, 31C. Weather forecast says it will might be rain.
  8. That you are looking at is actually Seragamma Wyvern's egg. After boiled, they sometimes look like 'football'. Waiter, there is a this letter in my soup!
  9. Cook was writing some document about 'soup' at kitchen. He said he lost his laptop and I think it is this. Waiter! There is a dictionary in my soup!
  10. Reboot failed: No keyboard detected. Press F1 to continue.