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  1. Potato chips, dumpling, kimchijeon, ramen etc(with a lot of soju) it still makes me make typo
  2. There was shower in morning and it made humid and temperature is still hot. 오늘 날씨를 계이름으로 말하자면 '레' 입니다. 도를 지나쳤거든요. 이제 곧 미치게 될 겁니다.
  3. Theo throws three throws through three trees. There wasn't error in my typing, but there was error in my memory. Next: 50 minutes left until it'll be finished.
  4. Right opposite weather. Clear, windless, Hot, and humidity made it really uncomfortable.
  5. You win! Come back at next time. Waiter, there is a fountain pen in my soup.
  6. Rain was fall and stopped for several times and it's raining now.
  7. I have it and my mom also have(or had) it. She said she feels uncomfortable even looking at strawberries or raw noodles. She said she was cured when her eyesight gotten bad.
  8. Raining (but it feels like fog now.) and still hot.