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  1. Clear. It was feeling cold at morning.
  2. Mosquito always bites in summer here. Most recent painful memory was in last month. Mountain mosquito bite my second and third finger in my right hand so I couldn't use those fingers for several days.
  3. Sunny. Sun is almost on horizon, though.
  4. Hot and sunny. Weather forecast said there will be shower but it hadn't yet.
  5. Far young-10 : Doctor 10-14 : Dentist 14-16 : Biologist 16-Now : Programmer I'm 20 now and I still don't know where I am.
  6. Any snapshot that released after 1.8
  7. Cloudy and feels cool. (maybe because I was at waterpark today)
  8. I was got out of mall and get in to subway station and I went to platform directly. And I was seeking for ticket machine and found transfer route to line 7(dark green line.) And I met someone annoying so I got out from that route and went to platform of yellow line. And four of them was out of service and got on subway train before that annoying guy come. And it was wrong direction so I got off next station and there was look like mineshaft with rail. And there was many people who were there because surface of ground was too hot. And I was waiting for train to another direction but all of train that came was not for that subway station.
  9. Clear and hot night. There was shower in daytime.
  10. I played it! End has something more after defeating Enderdragon.