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  1. I usually sleep between midnight~1 a.m. Waking time depends on time table(6 a.m~10 a.m). Hard to fell asleep, but when I fell asleep, also hard to wake up;;
  2. Three days later-the day when last exam finished.
  3. Nothing. Replaced to late breakfast/early dinner.
  4. Because question is good. Why should we use English here?
  5. It's been snowed. It looks like it had few centimeters.
  6. I got TV(I don't know what that actually was. It had 3 CRT screen and VCR and CD player and etc.) from dead relative. I trying connect it with TV cable and looked for more cable. And it failed.
  7. Died in various way in Geometry Dash;
  8. Cloudy and cold. Rain that fallen yesterday all frozen, I can see ice everywhere.