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  1. Korean Squirrel It was taken in Campus.
  2. I was playing game wit PC and I saw BSOD which show only four lettes. It was Korean but I don't know what it mean. I had no idea to find what this word mean and I accidently pressed start key. And windows-95 style start manu appeared. I opened IE 4 from there and type that word. And it shows no result. And I minimazed that and I saw that word. I found a typo. And I corrected that typo and searched again. And I saw several images that people are bowing.
  3. Depressed. My dad is in hospital.
  4. Geometry Dash. now playing auto level
  5. Pancakes. It doesn't look like food for dinner but I had it for dinner
  6. You have some chance when you bred dorsal with red colored dragon. Why I can't breed drakes with dragons?
  7. I could see blue sky but most part of it was white. It's dark now because it's night now.
  8. Somewhere between 160cm and 170cm. I measured my height long time ago.
  9. I skipped it today because of driver's lisence exam.