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  1. This is mine. Used Art Nouveau, Dark Blue, Light Blue style stuffs.
  2. 1. Get better grade. In last semester, I studied that only I wanted. It resulted half of them are A and another half are C. 2. Lose weight. I have to lose weight at least 5kg. My current weight influence bad way in my legs.
  3. If solution that already mentioned aren't worked for you, you can try visiting water temple again. (The place where those artifacts were.) I don't know how that works but it worked for me.
  4. Dreams in these few days reminds me my childhood. I couldn't remember all of that what actually that were though. One of scene that I remembered was - A girl came to me and asked about my mother still teaching Art.
  5. Story completed! Thanks for everyone who designed this! I hope there are something like "bonus story" like we had two years ago...
  6. According to second paragraph of general dragon description, They communicate with telepathy with other creatures.
  7. Hide behind building is true and hide different parts is false I think.
  8. That was the dragon who I saw at beginning of first day!
  9. I think that teleporter has somewhat related to this phenomenon. Nulhora became warmer, and Alhira became colder.
  10. Then it makes sense for it was actually next day's quest. as it wasn't for PERL nor BILL.
  11. So there are anyone re-done deliver quest? (In any case. Such as it wasn't for GLADYS or so on.)
  12. I redid all quest except deliver one. I just found day one's quest was six, not five.
  13. So do I. I thought he was at somewhere far away.
  14. Eggs of this holiday looks like slightly leaning. Optical illusion.
  15. clicking "reset your location" at bottom of page solved most kind of stuck that I had before. Did you tried that?
  16. Why we can't find alt in cave? (There are some logical reason that we can't find 'hybrid' in cave -wild dragon maybe want to breed with same breed- but it isn't for alts.)