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  1. I have Korean accent.and Korean language has no accent. I pronunce L and R almost same.
  2. Clear and cold. Average winter weather here
  3. I woke up early morning to see movie, so I had popcorn at theater. ==
  4. So do mine to... My time zone have large gap from DC times so I'm not sure on next christmas;;;
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimchi_jjigae
  6. Warm and clear. It's one of few days that isn't cold nor smoggy
  7. Cool and dark. (because it's night now;)
  8. -3 Celsius and clear. It seems rained yesterday night. as forecast said
  9. Donghodaegyo Bridge Which was taken on Hannamdaegyo Bridge.
  10. It became warm. It's now over 8 degree celsius