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  1. 6c(43f) and very foggy (during all day so maybe now will be same...?)
  2. Happy. I got my driver's license, finally! Now I have to get car
  3. It was snowed during afternoon and it stopped now.
  4. Sonic 3 Super mario bros 3 minecraft prison-architect DEFCON GTA:Snd andreas GTA 4 Geometry Dash . . . etc.
  5. Spicy chicken stew.Korean name:닭도리탕
  6. Thirlled. I practiced driver's liscence exam on street.
  7. Can't wait for new release for valentine's day!
  8. I tried to go top of ranking and I gave it up now.
  9. http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Cooked_porkchop
  10. Cloudy and average(as I feel) temperature in these times.
  11. Relieved. My dad got out from hospital today.
  12. I was in classroom and there was a book which written with language I don't know. It was book about that artifical language. I don't know why I was in there and what should I do. I looked several more pages. And I saw some letter looks like Chinese which I don't know. I went restroom and look that book again, It shows physics in Korean. I thought book's content changed in back part, so I tried see first of book and It shows geology.