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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makguksu
  2. Clear, so I can see bright, big full moon.
  3. When I was at highschool, one of my classmate made me fool and ran away to corridor. I chased him and shoot my slipper to him but it go wrong and hit one innocent student and teacher who was talking with her.
  4. Foggy. I can see some clouds that reflected by moonlight.
  5. I love oreos cereal but I hadn't it for years..
  6. Clear. Only thing I can see in sky is half moon, though.
  7. Clear and cool. Typical autumn weather here.
  8. I can reach 70% point (with all seceret coin) of Deadlocked, and I can clear last 20% part without die. I hate that wave part in 70% Edit:I'll never play this level again...
  9. Sausage stew. (Feels weird but dictionary says 부대찌개 is it in English.)
  10. 2.0 released! Currently reached 90% at geometry dominator. Edit:Currently cleared geometry dominator with 3 secret coins and deadlock... is a demon level.