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  1. 1 2 I recently upgraded my grapchic card to GTX 970. The other parts are still same. i5-4570 cpu 8GB RAM 120GB SSD 1TB HDD 500w power ...etc.
  2. Tired. I have exam for ALL subjects in next week.
  3. I have no brother nor sisters. This might be one of the reason I am introvert.
  4. Beef stew. not sure it is correct translation
  5. If you get eggs like this or this, you have low chance to get badge. Can you breed GoN for me?
  6. Cold. Weather said it is 13C. (55.4F)
  7. My birthday is 20th. February. (And It was second day of year in lunar calendar. I don't count lunar calendar so it isn't necessary) I became 20 at last birthday. I remember that day was similar with other day in winter vacation.
  8. Nothing. I am going to have some in midnight
  9. I was looking for something that I lost long time ago, and I find it. And I woke up and I reminded it was just dream and go there again and it was there. And I woke up. It was repeated for six or seven times.
  10. Tired. There are a lot of thing I have to do and .....