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  1. My best luck is breeding 2nd gen alt black dragon;; http://dragcave.net/lineage/le9ko
  2. Cube runner. It's an old iOS game.
  3. sh20000sh


    I tried that in my phone and My high scores is two 512s(not 1024) and 6561 point.
  4. It had been rain and it made here humid.
  5. There are no trash in my desk, but still....messy.
  6. I use default skin. Not only for DC, everything I use keeps default.
  7. Playing 'labyrinth 2' with my phone ==
  8. I was at lobby at building. I had to do job interview and that office was in 14th floor. I saw elevator and it said it was broken. I ran through stairs. At the 7th floor, I rested for a while. And I saw office in front of me. I get in the office. Interview started. I don't remember what happened next.