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  1. There are two remaining secrets in list. S8: Look at numbers of something. S10: Some of them are black while the others are blue. There might some more unlisted. or not.
  2. That one looks like don't have any letters in place?
  3. There was port scan to my computer recently. One of scary thing was, remote address of that attack was
  4. Looks like that one has red?
  5. I saw yours and it is there. You just did T1 too early :]
  6. I first thought about Pink, Purple, Gold and Silver. I think it would be huge round
  7. And one more thing. If you are going to make second team, try with different code and different members.
  8. You can provide only one per team. You can post either of them or find 'go' from your scroll.
  9. Looks like you are talking about different show though. That show was about modern history.
  10. He is one of South Korean meme. I think I don't have to say detailed information about him tho, it was one of viral scene from drama.