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  1. Welcome to forum! See you around!
  2. I tried to open my own server and it was actually not different with single player. Only difference was access from multiplayer tab.
  3. I will close this round officially. Thank you for participating if anyone are still here. Code for rear part was SNWCXOHA - I'll not explain reason here. One of my idea for closing this one is giving right to request for @Ruby Eyes as she made most progress according to information in this thread. If you agree, PM me your request. Please don't request with too common ones as I think it would take too long time to breed something from them. If anyone don't agree with this, or have other idea, please post your opinion this thread during this weekend. I will be back with different puzzle at some point. (Hope to control its difficulty at that one...)
  4. I came here right before Imperial Fleshcrowne and Bleeding Moon were released. Comparing to that point, I think it is pointless to distinguish 'common' and 'uncommon' as there are lot of breeds in this point.
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    Welcome to forum! Hope you enjoy!
  6. Welcome to DragCave forum! Hope you enjoy! Good luck for you too!
  7. Welcome to Dragon Cave forum! Hope you enjoy! We all love dragons
  8. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy! Don't post your eggs directly in this forum. Most of us post our eggs at some of fansites. I personally use AoND from that list
  9. How about playing nice game of chicken?
  10. Welcome to DC forum! Enjoy!
  11. Welcome to DC forum!
  12. Welcome to DC forum! Enjoy!
  13. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy! You can visit site help page for some basic info
  14. I had to make(or solve, I can't remember that correctly.) math problems until next day, but I couldn't actually do that until nightfall because of several reasons.
  15. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy! Don't worry too much about that, we were all noob once
  16. Welcome to DC forum! Enjoy your stay!
  17. Welcome to forum! Hope you enjoy!
  18. Welcome to DC forum! Blusang Lindwurm was my favorite since very beginning. They has cool look
  19. https://dragcave.net/lineage/yXz0A 3G+ checker that all CBs are from market.
  20. Welcome to DC forum! Nice to meet you too