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  1. Welcome! Enjoy the forum!
  2. Welcome to DC! This place is actually cool!
  3. Welcome back! Enjoy the new cave
  4. Round 5 Regular Bingo R21. Kovos Pygmy. bingo R22. Nexus. R23. Erador. bingo R24. Glystere. bingo R25. Witchlight. bingo R26. Fire Gem. bingo Tricky Bingo (2 pts) T2. What do the above breeds have in common? Or should I say in uncommon? Post another creature with the same property - BUT nothing that was posted by anyone else as T2 (or in R21 through 26)! (I identified ~20 breeds with that property so there should be enough for all players.)
  5. Welcome to DC forum! Have fun!
  6. Welcome to DC forum! Nice to meet you too!
  7. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy! Xenowyrms are definitely cool!
  8. So how many image actually included in that sig? this one is 100 images by the way.
  9. Welcome to DC forum! Enjoy! Can I ask you what is your native language?
  10. Spanish flu pandemic lasted three years, for reference.
  11. Welcome to DC forum! What is your first language?
  12. Welcome to DragCave forum! Hope you enjoy!
  13. Welcome! Enjoy the forum!
  14. Welcome to forum! Hope you enjoy!
  15. Welcome to DC forum! Enjoy!
  16. Welcome to forum! Hope you enjoy!