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  1. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy! My favorite threes are Blusang, Black, Serrati - from very beginning.
  2. sh20000sh


    Welcome back! Enjoy the forum!
  3. Welcome to DC forum! Minecraft is one of my favorites too
  4. Because there's color issue on their picture. What does IΛ in this clock meaning?
  5. https://shzksh.co.kr/black.htm
  6. One of midterm goal just had been accomplished.
  7. Bread loaf. Something to eat vs Something to look at.
  8. Welcome back! There are quite of changes since 2013
  9. Welcome to forum! See you around
  10. Welcome! Enjoy the forum! I'm doing well, thanks!
  11. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy! It's shame that obtaining 'literally CB' Vamps is impossible in any mean though...
  12. Welcome to DC forum! Glad to see you too!
  13. Welcome to forum!
  14. Welcome to DC forum! Enjoy! I came here by signature on minecraft forum btw.
  15. Welcome to DC forum! My favorite color is blue too!
  16. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy! Have you seen northern lights often?
  17. Welcome to DC forum! Basically anything about you can be introduction. 일단 써놓고보니 한국인이셨네요 헤헤
  18. Welcome! If you want share some of your works, you can make your own thread at original works.