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  1. Go fish, I guess. Couldn't found even 2G non-messy lineage that has at least five GoNs.
  2. I messed that whole step for 6 hours and it was just firewall issue. ugh...
  3. Welcome! Enjoy the forum#
  4. Welcome to DC forum! Enjoy!
  5. That 'linked image' had been uploaded in forum when you added it to your profile. When you copy its image address, it is actually https://forums.dragcave.net/uploads/monthly_2019_03/hammoc10.thumb.jpg.f92fe429782531c9ead1e914921a1bd8.jpg which begins with forum address, not the place that image came from.
  6. Welcome to forum! Have fun!
  7. Using randomizer in avatar is not available since forum UI changed. Randomizer is basically uploaded as 'image link'. In new forum you should upload image in forum to use it as avatar. I think using linked image is not available anymore. As using image link in other place is still available so randomizer still works in other places.
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    Welcome back! See you around!
  9. Welcome to forum! See you around!
  10. Really nervous. A job interview was scheduled tomorrow.
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    Welcome to forum! Good luck on your egg submission!
  12. Welcome to DC forum! See you around!
  13. True. TPBM had been messed with their computer with major issue in past 24 hours.
  14. I saw some stuffs broken after last update. At first, some profiles don't show up and throws error. it seems like happens on people who used linked image from past forum. and profile information shows 'Array' instead of proper information. lastly, names missing on 'topic listing' and 'unread topic'.
  15. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!
  16. Welcome back! My favorites are Blusangs too
  17. Kinda true. My English is not fluent though. TPBM will say 'true' in below post.
  18. True until 2015, Currently false. TPBM has German car.
  19. Maybe I missed something but I think so. Lineage that all CBs are different wyverns.
  20. Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy! I actually don't get your question neither. As I know, there are some other community out there and they do trades there.[/color] Or if you meant trade from other adoptable sites, I have nothing to say about it.
  21. Welcome! Late is better than never
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    Welcome! Enjoy the forum!