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  1. So many pretties! EGG Such a pretty inbred <3 EGG Lovely <3 Simply lovely EGG Love! <3 EGG Prettiness <3 EGG Love it! <3
  2. I absolutely love horses <3. When I was a little girl, I had my room was themed after horses. I had horse wallpaper(it was more of a pony, but oh well), horse picture frames, and horse decorations. I absolutely loved them (and still do!). But I'm not a big fan of when they step on my feet...(it hurts!) I hope to get my own one day <3
  3. My new egg <3 <3 Love, Love, LOVE! Thank you breeder!
  4. Im So Happy!!!!! I'm, like, so happy right now .
  5. Well, it night right now, so it's dark and kind of chilly, but during the day it's sunny.
  6. BubbleEyes Fuse your name with "Toxic"
  7. I had a pretty weird dream about DragCave...just last night actually. We were all at school, walking as humans, but when you looked at somebody, you saw them as their dragon forum! Then, the most popular kid in school did something...and then their was a lot of bully in school. Apparently she moved to a different grade.. . And I was getting really picked on, and people kept bumping into me on purpose, when I used to be poplar. Then the second most popular kid made an interception, and stopped all bullying when we were in the lunch line. She was a tan dragon, but blue and turquoise markings, a really pretty dragon. And, when we were looking at her, I saw her on scroll page from ths game...and... Yeah. Sorry if it sounds confusing. I'm honestly confused myself. But yeah, DragCave related..maybe it's a sign I shouldn't play as much...
  8. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I act my age, sometimes I act like a 7 year old People also think I look older then my actual age.....
  9. I used to have a couple of goldfish...maybe a few different species too, but I forgot The most exotic? A Crown Beta I named "King." however, I am getting my room redone soon (hopefully), and I would like to get a fish tank in it.
  10. I know I just posted here, but I just had to show this guy off! EGGGGGGY! Anyone seen that Pink tinsel before?(At the end of its lineage..)
  11. Caught these beauties! Yay! Finally got one!! Yay! Gen.2! First Vamp
  12. Its a egg! Yay, EGGYS!! Another Eggy? O.o Hehe..another one. It's a cave-born!! Yay!! Gotta love those eggys! Whoa there! Another Cave-born (Cheese! ) Okay, last egg Some pretty good finds in my opinion! To post caveborns as lineage links simply replace /view/ with /lineage/.
  13. "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." *Signs Name* I am taking the oath!
  14. Peanut butter chocolate or just peanut butter ^^
  15. I don't talk or sleep walk anymore, but I used to. One time I woke up randomly, walked to the bathroom and turned the light on. My mom wanted to see what I was doing so, she walked into the bathroom and asked,"Honey, what are you doing?" I looked at her before replying with, "Mom, I'm making a list." Mom looks at me weirdly,"Are you sure?" "Yes, mom. I'm making a list!" ....I recall none of it. Another time, I was half asleep when I stole my brothers blanket, claiming that it was mine, and I had brought it upstairs....what?
  16. I'm using a picture of Rhino, the hamster, from the movie 'Bolt" He's just so cute!
  17. My first is Cbet ^^ She has a FAIL,MESSY, and LONG lineage....but I am keeping her anyways because she is my first adult. -please use lineage links - view/po9qr]This is her [/url]
  18. LightEyes


    My hair is dark brown, its a little longer then my shoulder. It's usually straight-ish. I just brush it, and use regular shampoo and conditioner in the shower.....my hair looks better though if I braid it, sleep with the braid on, than take it out in the morning. Makes it look better...
  19. -Cbet -Whirl'Pool -Winter'Snow -Wave'Rider -Yin'and'Yang -Twilight'Night -Day'Dreamer -Rising'Sun -Divided'Ocean I know most of them have the apostrophe in thm, but still. I'm pretty happy!
  20. ANOTHER sticky bun. Gotta love that stickiness.