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  1. After having little luck all day, I just caught 4 at the x:15 drop.
  2. I've been so busy today and I'm at my grandparents' and they have slow wifi. Hopefully I can get more than the one I just caught.
  3. Did the O-Power thing and unfortunately you don't make a profit. I didn't anyway, and I used Bargain Power 3.
  4. Awesome; start a trade if you find one. c:
  5. Does anyone have a Camerupt with solid rock (or Numel with simple) that they can trade me?
  6. Wow. This weekend I've gotten a shiny Phantump and shiny Helioptile, I have a shiny Tyrunt waiting, and now I'm breeding Mawile eggs. Instacheck is great.
  7. Nah, you just have to make your own hotspot and connect your 3DS to it.
  8. Have you guys heard of the Instacheck thing? Basically, each trainer has a shiny value, and each egg has a shiny value, and you only hatch a shiny if the two values match. There's a program you can use to check your eggs' shiny values too. I got a shiny by finding someone with a matching shiny value to one of my eggs and having them hatch it and trade it back. Shiny Trevenant, woo~
  9. I've caught four shinies through fish chaining, and I'd estimate that it took an average of about 40 encounters to get them. The fastest was after about 15, and the longest took probably 70. But I have gotten impatient several times and quit after who knows how many encounters.
  10. My level 99 marowak knows false swipe and he's always in my party so I never have to worry about that lol. [i know that's a waste of a move for a pokemon that powerful but I don't care at this point. At least I can get almost any pokemon I want down to low HP with one hit?]
  11. 7 shinies in one day is ridiculously lucky! I only have 5 shinies after 85 hours on my X, and two were gifted and two were from fish chaining.
  12. I've been so lucky lately. I got two CB coppers and my first CB gold, all from grabbing 6-7 eggs at once.
  13. Yaaaay! My trainer name is Evan so just start a trade if you see me online. I'm busy right now so I don't know when I'll get around to playing.
  14. I would love a shiny Spheal omg
  15. I have 2 boxes of Noibat shiny fails so far. I really hope this doesn't take too long~
  16. Natari - Your friend safari is flying type and it has Tranquill & Doduo.
  17. Sure. My FC is 2595-0894-2600.
  18. Productive day! Caught Mewtwo with just one quick ball. Also caught Zygarde in a timer ball after a while, and encountered Moltres for the first time.
  19. You have Beautifly and Paras in your friend safari. Can anyone tell me what's in mine? I know I have Mienfoo and Throh, but I don't know the third one.
  20. I added you as well, and can check if needed. My FC is 2595-0894-2600. Feel free to add me, everyone.
  21. I think I'm going to start trying to breed a shiny. Should I start with Phantump or Noibat? Does anyone know which one hatches faster?
  22. Wow. Just beat the Elite Four with no difficulty whatsoever! Only one of the champion's pokemon even inflicted damage on me. (Edit) Can someone tell me the third pokemon I have in friend safari? My FC is 2595-0894-2600 if you haven't added me yet. Thanks~
  23. Nice adult sprites! Not my favorite Halloween dragon, but still good! I like the female better.