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  1. ((Eeep So Sorry About not being on, been horribly sick. Could someone pm me whats been going on so I can post right.))
  2. ((I swear Umbra is a warlock from world of warcraft )) Umbra: "I have the same kind of voice, only its a male." She looks over at Roark. She looks at all the chaos, "Why do I have the feeling that the guards are no where to be seen." She sighs before her skin starts to thrum with its own energy as she holds her hands out, they surround with a thriving black mass that crawls up her arms, across her body, to create a molten like armor. "Lets go!" She helps him to the door before letting him rest against the door frame and run into the inn. "HORRORS! LISTEN TO ME! IF YOU WANT TO FIGHT COME AT ME!" She screams, her eyes alight with a battle stricken look. Her graying skin comes alive as her inky tattoo's leave her body, slithering around on the floor at her feet. "I DARE YOU!" Her voice booms with power as she yells at the horrors. If you would get near her you would feel just how MUCH power she was wielding then.
  3. Umbra: She nods and helps him through the back door. "There should be some way to flush out the horrors...." She pauses and grins "If you can have everyone get out of the inn I can create a kind of "Cage" out of skeletons. But after that I'll need to restore my energy because I'll be clean out." She opens the back door to the inn and helps him inside. Vonagae: Growling she heals and returns to the gates of the city to sit and watch the other horrors. Siksta and Welun: They travel through the streets, shedding and attacking people as they fly through, uncasting their illusions they screech happily. "MWUAHAHAHAHA!" Siksta screams. Welun swivels her head towards a little boy. "Ayyyy There kitty!" She lunges at him, grasping his arms in her sharp talons, the boy starts to cry as she flies upwards before dropping him from the height, which was about 60 ft in the air. She hears the wonderful thud of his life ending as he hits the ground. "Mmmm BREAKFAST IS READY" She caws and lands starting to pick at his flesh. Siksta flies over and starts tearing the boy to pieces.
  4. Chessayia looks out at the Helicopters and sighs "Nathaniel I think our home has been compromised." She whispers. Nate burries his head in her feathers as they go over to Rena.
  5. ((Im also character locked, and I might not be on for a few days, I'm going to see some pregnancy doctors cause ive had pneumonia.))
  6. ((Yeah, that kind of why i have been inactive.))
  7. Vonagae: The arrow that was released goes through the hand of the She-demon. She roars in pain and looks around before disappearing, "You are now my watch, I shall murder you when you least expect it!" Disappearing into the thick smoke. Umbra: Crawling over to Roark she takes a look at his leg. "Hold still.." She whispers something to herself and uses one of the last ounces of energy she has to heal him. "Cmon.." She holds her hand out as she stands, going to help him up.
  8. Vonagae: Watching with the vision as perfect as a fresh snow sheleans down slightly enough to miss one of Tue daggers but not the other. Her wing gets a tear because of the other dagger. "You'll pay for that!" She growls and starts to summon a ring of fire around her. Her eyes glowing a bright red. Her paws are surrounded with smoke as she glares and snarls a fire ball as big as her head forming in her hands as she throws it at Roark. Umbra: She groans and rolls onto her side coughing up a little blood. She looks over and gasps when she sees roark and the demon fighting.
  9. Chessayia looks at Roark and spread her gryphon wings "Only in this form. I will eventually choose a different form of mine to stay in." She nudges his shoulder with her beak. "Don't worry." Ghost grimaces when the blood touches his shoulder. His long tail snakes its way up into the air as he thinks for a second.
  10. Chessayia lands still in bird form, better suited in this form. "Put Nate on my Back, I can carry him to the shelter" Hearing Mommas voice Nate climbs off of James's back and climbs onto Momma's back. "Lets go!" He shivers
  11. Vonagae: Using a furry fist she hits the girls temple hard, knocking her into oblivion. Then she looks to the Young man before her, "Oh you must care for her if your going to follow a demon into a home that she knows now better than you!" She growls and flares open her wings. Umbra: Her vision goes black as she gets a tremendous headache as she gets knocked out.
  12. Vonagae: She just curls her wings around the Girl, disappearing with her in her arms. Reappearing back in Umbra's little cottage. Umbra: Struggling against the strong grip of the Horror she starts to get very weak from the strain.
  13. Umbra: "Si lasau wer darastrixi di wer loex ekess faestir ve!" She says swiftly a floating ball opens and little undead welplings come swarming out, heading straight for the horror that shot through the window. Their noses are the best for tracking, even when something is invisible. They swarm at the Horror and start biting, clawing, and breathing dark flame on the horror. Vonagae: Growling she paces in her cave, "Stupid Callers....I must follow orders..." Using her smoke magic she reappears at the Tavern, Noticing two other Horrors. "My time." She bellows a howl and leaps through the broken window, lunging at the girl 'Umbra'. She growls and walks behind her, her claws at Umbra's throat and a paw over her mouth. "I would watch your Backs Callers!" She says in a hoarse voice. Siksta and Welun watch the other harpy kill humans. "Maybe we should flock with her?" Welun asks Siksta.. "Maybe..."
  14. The Raven: It watches as it and the Wolf Horror were taken somewhere, a cave in the land of Horrors! It looks around before flying away out of the cave and back to its Mistress. Umbra: "He will be returning soon I think." She looks at Roark worriedly before looking up to see a very tired looking Raven. Its eyes glow slightly as the magic in its interesting veins flow "Plisoiv si ehtaha wer kaldaka juglanth. Jaciv ui persvek wer thaczil di wer malsvir rekisixi!" Looking at Roark she speaks up "He said he found the Horror and where she lives."
  15. Chessayia: Sitting she flicks her tail and gasps, "Wait a minute..." She goves over to a shelf and looks at the books, trying to find a rune book. Finding one she opens it and flips through it before staring openly at the rune of protection. She memorizes it and goes to every single being there and opens her "palm" cutting it and drawing a rune with blood on their hand. "For each time you are close to death, this will heal you by shedding my blood enough to heal you."
  16. Umbra: She gets up from behind the desk and runs over to Talibah, "Are you okay?!" She looks to the sky briefly looking for the demon horror before returning her gaze back to Talibah.
  17. Vonagae: She spots the girl open the window and thats when she launches. Launching herself off the ground her large wings spread and she leaps onto the Human Water Girl and bite her. Her sharp fangs going into the delicate flesh of her arm before Vonagae lets go. "Foolish Humans." She howls and smoke starts to appear around her, growing in density and darkness.When it completely surrounds her she throws huge swirling balls of fire from her black furred paws. She throws the fire balls in a circle of flame around the water caller before launching one at the One protecting the Girl The Higher Demon wants. Turning her head she howls and disappears into a thick smoke before the smoke clears and she is gone. Umbra: As she is moved behind Roark she spots Talibah push open the window. "NO!" She yells when the Wolf-like horror lunges at her. Growling she calls in draconic to her raven "Lowd bird di wer fueryoni! Svent batobot kaldaka rekisix! Usv loreat xoalir!" Her raven swoops from the inn out into the street, directing itself towards the Horror. Siksta and Welun: The two harpies smirk as they watch the caller girl and the wolf demon thing Get into a tussle. Shrugging her sore shoulder Siksta looks to Welun "Looks like theres a fight brewing." ((Translator for those who dont have it: http://draconic.twilightrealm.com/ ))
  18. Mae pauses, her ears raised. Listening she looks to Balisha, "You go from behind, Zane and I will track from the sides. I will howl to alert it, causing it to back track, or run forward, or run towards Zane. Whoever direction it heads is the one to bag it with our help."
  19. Like My Character Chessayia, Cause she got to angry and had the after effects of different meds that messed her up and she kinda turned into an eagle
  20. Vonagae: Her wings seemingly meld back into her back as she exits the house. Walking upon all fours she looks like a huge wolf. Her eyes fall upon the acid stained ground. "Interesting.." She mutters and walks forward, infront of an inn like building. She looks in, her unnatural eyes glaring at the girl who Wounded her, the girl with the Strange Tattoo's. Umbra: Looking eye to eye with the wolf like creature Umbra shivers and murmurs softly to herself "I knew something was up with that thing.." She shivers again and steps closer to Roarks' side. Siksta and Welun: The two harpy girls look around and spread their beautiful wings before flying to the shelter of a over hang porch with a roof. They still look like two exotic birds to the humans.
  21. Umbra: She blinks for a second at the one who was retreating. "I wasn't offended!" She turns back to Roark her eyes curious, "So how'd you get that fancy armor of yours?" She asks concentrating enough to dismisses her anxiety and her skin returns to the pale porcelain it was. Siksta and Welun: They spot another harpy as their flying towards the gates. Sneaking in they cause their illusions of making them seem as if they were two beautiful exotic parrots.
  22. Chessayia and Ghost: Looking to the Unicorn as he nods she nods to Roark, "Yeah were in.." ((Sorry for the short arsed post, I haven't really been able to think of anything to post for my characters))
  23. Umbra: She giggles softly and lightly rests her head on Roark's shoulder. "I think with all these guys around I have nothing to worry about." Turning she spots someone talking to them. A tall guy... Her skin pales even more than the pasty gray it was. "You mean me almost dying, me almost killing my new friends, and me being an idiot...If you call that fighting then I'm a unicorn." She rolls her eyes "Sorry, I'm just a bit upset by being taunted by something as evil as a demon horror." She blushes a darker gray before looking up at Roark and smiling sheepishly.
  24. Vonagae: She looks at the higher demon before her. "Fine!" She growls and starts to pace in the abandoned house, her paws making muffled thumps as she walks. Her large wings spread wide as they can before folding. Umbra: Getting an uneasy feeling in the atmosphere of the city she reaches into the void and draws a few throwing daggers. She looks outside and spots a disappearing figure go into the alley way. Turning she looks at the others, "Guys, I think there are horrors getting into the city."