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  1. Elisha glanced down at Chou and blushed slightly, embarrassed for having missed her. Wow. If there wasn't a very real possibility that she actually knows how to use her sword and could gut me in a matter of minutes, I'd tell her she's kinda cute. "Well, fourteen hour flight, customs bull and a cranky driver aside, I'm doing pretty good. Elisha And...wait, no. Andrews Eli...screw it. Elisha at your service. Did some stranger show up at your house with a sword too?" At this, she presented the Mokusei burēdo, trying to hold it in the least threatening manner possible. "So, where are you two from? I'm a New Yorker, or at least I was." She bit her tongue to keep from babbling further.
  2. Elisha wandered through the fog, sneezing a bit at the unfamiliar smell. She moved onto the boat and put her hand to the side, feeling the wood. "You've been everywhere, haven't you?" She wasn't quite sure where that had come from, but it just seemed like the right thing to say. She looked at the other teenagers and heard one speak English quite loudly, then say something in a language she had heard once or twice from the German department back at school. She ran over to him, hoping to have someone at least a bit familiar to talk to. "Elisha Andrews," She said, grabbing his hand and shaking it a bit too hard. "Are you from one of the families too?"
  3. The woman shook her head at Elisha. "You can worry about the affairs of the other chosen later, Andoryūsu-san. For now, let's just get you to Kaminokure." Elisha looked at her, confused. "Andor-Oh! We're doing the whole last name thing, right. What's yours?" The woman glanced back at her as she got into the car. "You can refer to me as Watashi Wa Nisemonodesu or Hontō No Hīrō." The American girl wasn't sure why, but she had the distinct feeling she was just insulted. She slid into the back and pulled her sword out from her suitcase. She ran her fingers along the case, leaving very slight dents in the wood. "Hey Honto? What does 'Mokusei burēdo' mean?" Even though she couldn't see her from the back seat, Elisha could practically hear Honto rolling her eyes as she took them out of the parking lot. "It means for suppository use only." "Okay, now I know you're screwing with me." "Then learn Japanese and figure it out yourself. Americans."
  4. Elisha looked up from her corner and, to her surprise, out of the corner of her eye she saw her name. She stood up and saw it clearer, an older Japanese woman holding up a sign with Elisha エリシャ Andrews ·アンドリュース Scrawled on it. She grinned widely and ran over to the woman, almost hugging her. "You're looking for me, right?" The woman's eyes were a bit wide. She glanced down at a picture, then nodded. "I didn't expect you to look quite so...like that." The girl ignored that comment, looking over at a blonde boy nearby standing next to a different car. "Is he with us or something?"
  5. Those are good abilities. I can't wait to see what you come up with.
  6. Elisha Andrews staggered off the plane on the Kanagawa Prefecture in a decidedly jetlagged and exhausted state, her face already buried in a local map. "Let's see...Kah-mee-noh-coo-ray. Where is that." Elisha stood a full head above a good half of the crowd and drew a number of looks and eye rolls. She looked every bit the tourist with her backpack slung over her shoulder and a rolling suitcase clacking against the road behind her. The contents of the suitcase, however, were more interesting. When the strange Japanese man had shown up claiming that she was some sort of chosen one (and even he seemed skeptical of that), he had given her a plane ticket here and a pre-written excuse for both her family and school. What had caused her the most headache, however, was the last thing he'd given her. It was a long, single edged sword with a strange case made of wood like she'd never seen before. He had called it the "Mokusei burēdo," whatever that meant, and said she was destined for it. She had instantly tried swinging it and given herself a bad cut on her hand for her efforts. It had been a truly beastly operation getting the Mokulibur (as she had taken to calling it) through the airport security in America. After all, she couldn't just explain that some strange cousin twelve times removed had given her the sword to fight demon creatures with. As tempting as that was. Though Elisha hated to admit it, she was scared. Terrified even. Here she was in a country where she didn't know the language, the culture or even the proper code of conduct with a bizarre mission from a man who she really wished she thought was crazy, but who she had seen attacked by one of the demon things. The past few days slammed into her all at once and she quietly curled herself up against the airport wall, breathing shakily and looking out for anyone else who might know something about this insane thing.
  7. Define "strong of mind." I don't think it would be, but I'd like to check.
  8. First, Reserved and he was biologically male. Second, you can PM them to me or submit them here. Third, you can have one of each. Go nuts.
  9. Alright. Scheherazade is now off the table.
  10. ((sorry I'm late)) Oddstep nodded. "If there's moss anywhere, it'll probably be somewhere wet. I think that a river runs nearby. Can you smell it from here?" She sniffed the air herself, but couldn't get a decent lock on it.
  11. Thank you very much for your help. I've made some changes that I think should help.
  12. "We bring it back." Oddstep said with a shrug. "If we don't, the elders will eat us alive. Not an awful kill though. You're learning. We'll collect some things to fix the nursery first though." She patted her apprentice's head with one huge paw, then turned and moved back towards their home.
  13. Oddstep nodded to her apprentice. "That's right. Go at it from the left. If you miss, I'll flank it on the right and catch it. It shouldn't escape." With that, she crept around to one side of the mouse, keeping her body low to the ground. Oddstep fought not to let hunger cloud her judgement and to let her apprentice take the lead.
  14. Oddstep bit her tongue and decided not to sass her apprentice this time, opting instead to gently bat her ears with one of her large paws. "Well, let's go see what else we can find. You need some scenting practice. See if you can catch any prey on the wind and I'll help you corner it this time."
  15. "Ah, not bad. Follow me." Oddstep slunk over to a small hole in the ground. She stood silent for a moment and grinned when a few hares hopped out. All yours, kit, go get 'em." she whispered to Echopaw.
  16. "I dunnno, you take a sniff and tell me." Oddstep could smell a den full of rabbits not to far away, but she wanted to see if Echopaw could sort it out herself. "If nothing else, we could always raid some birds nests. I hear that the elders just looooove tasteless eggs for their first meal."
  17. "Hrm." Oddstep nodded. "And I suppose we'll be needing some sticks, probably some ferns. Perhaps some large rocks. And we'll need food. I refuse to work with no game in the pile. Want to come hunt with me?"
  18. Oddstep. Wind clan. A ticked tabby cat woke up with a groan and wandered out into the nursery. She shook her head and hissed slightly with annoyance at seeing the state of disrepair. "Well, I see we've made stunning progress here. I certainly wouldn't want my kits in this mess. Echopaw, what are your plans with this?" Fallpaw. River clan. The calico apprentice had been awake for some time and was venturing towards the river. He noticed Ravenstar and Rapidwaters by the water, but ignored them, opting instead to stare deeply at his reflection.
  19. "C-can I surrender now?" Nissel asked, sinking into the shadows as best he could.
  20. Nissel shuddered and began to climb higher into the tree. He focused in on her eye and, with a few swings of his sling, threw a rock straight for it.
  21. "Yipe!" Nissel pulled the shadow up from the ground, forming false images of himself while his real form dove behind the tree. He took one of the stones from his satchel, put it in his sling and threw it at Akasha as quickly as he could manage.
  22. "D-damn." Nissel turned back into his human form, but stayed in the dark shadow beneath the tree, loading his sling to take shots from afar.
  23. Nissel nodded quietly and took his black dragon form, immediately diving into the shadow of a tree and melting away as much as he could.
  24. "Morning." Nissel bowed slightly to Arisa, pulling a few shadows over himself. "W-was Frances good at what he did?"
  25. "I'm sorry sir," Nissel said. "What should I do to be better?"