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  1. Okay, that is awesome. ------------------- So many good eggs in the AP + CB hunting in the biome. ugh, choosing is torture! 😜
  2. I cannot get "This is Halloween" out of my head!
  3. It's Halloween season. And I love Pyro Jack from Persona 3. I love Persona 3 in general, but I also couldn't find a good Halloween pfp of Cloud Strife.
  4. Really hope things work out in the end.
  5. Hah! Finally found a good Halloween pfp. Pyro Jack from Persona 3. Perfect.
  6. False. While I love Aeons, I have a healthy pack of them. TPBM prefers chocolate sweets/candy vs fruity candy.
  7. I can either adult and clean or decide Saturday night's a kid kinda night and play Smash Bros and BOTW. Ugh, I can't decide what I want to do!
  8. Banned for accusing someone of not having enough birbs when you have none in your sig, period.
  9. True. TPBM is excited for the Halloween event to start tonight.
  10. False. I need a little bit of light in case I need to see when I get up for a drink or bathroom trip. (Kinda spooky as my friend and I were just talking about the movie "Darkness Falls" when I saw this post 10 mins later) TPBM is creeped out by deja vu. (I think that's how you spell it. I sounded it out)
  11. False. I wish though. We could use the rain. I always sleep better when it rains. TPBM needs to get something to eat.
  12. That's why I prioritize. The mates I want most get bred right away. I catch some goodies here and there and then I make sure I have space for new dragon before enjoying the leftover goodies that are in the AP afterwards. Mostly messies at that point, but every now and then you get some good stuff. Like this! https://dragcave.net/lineage/wDIDA - not every day you see a 2G Spriter's Alt. ---------------------------- Why do some companies call you back 'just' to put you on hold?
  13. False. There's a palm tree in my parent's backyard, but I never tried to climb it. Also no actual fruit. Just palm leaves (and they HURT when they fall on you) TPBM has dropped off the web for at least a week before.
  14. False. My roommate's brother has a cat, but Zues is a lone feline. TPBM has dealt with a cold that refuse to go away.
  15. I have some pre Halloween goodies in need of a good home. Destructive 1 Destructive 2 Destructive 3 Silver Spook Golden Ghoul
  16. True: That grape popsicle was delicious. TPBM is listening to music right now.
  17. Banned for not respecting the pure awesomeness that is Batman.
  18. Banned for reminding me I need to find a good pfp for Halloween. @AsymDoll13 is also extra banned because they didn't mention which gif made them sad. Those 300+ gifs rotate dang it. I can't keep track of them all. 😅
  19. Really surprised "Falling Leaf Storm" wasn't already taken. https://dragcave.net/lineage/UrLOp
  20. Seriously contemplating whether or not to play the lottery at this point. Second Stat bred tonight. First was a 2G from Cavern Lurker and now a 3G perfect checker.
  21. How common is it to catch another cold right after getting over one? Or is it the same one catching its second wind? Either way it sucks. One should never sweat so bad that it feel like someone threw a glass full of water on their back. That was not pleasant to wake up to.
  22. Banned for using mobile. You sneaky on the go ninja.
  23. False. Been too sick to do much of anything. Although climbing the stairs felt like a chore. Does that count? TPBM is very happy with Smash Bros final character reveal.
  24. Well, I know an unexpected checker I'll be working on for Halloween. Though I honestly should have expected this with a C.L. named "Hallow's Eve Hopes Reborn." also, I have the stupidest grin on my face right now.
  25. Not sure why youtube recommended a channel of someone going around unclogging street drains and colverts, but I'm honestly happy and not bored. Post 10 is a pretty decent guy too.