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  1. I realized I'm aromantic. Because I can't feel any romantic feeling and I don't want the relationship. That's too far away form me. --- Anyway, I need to finish the ref sheet drawings. Also, I need to seeking new home. Because I'm one of the winners 'cheap home for students''.
  2. Snowing snowing keep snowing. For 3 days. IDK keep snowing here or not.
  3. Go to bed early, start new drawing Kyath..
  4. I want to buy new animal pajama(kigurumi type). Sadly my wallet says 'don't buy it for now.'
  5. I did such odd things in school dorm and fought my old roommate. Bought too many usless stuffs Tried to keep talking about although they didn't want it.
  6. Go to the library and reading books Eat Next drawing...? Later.
  7. Allow custom dragons. Let zombie dragons attack, kill alive dragons. And they will be turn into zombies.
  8. I just want to rest after current class is over. Well, I need to reading books when I don't do draw nor study. Instead of web browing and play the game a lot.