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  1. (Sigh) I give up play event game. this is hard for non english native. At least, I got new trophy. New purple egg is pretty. I hope this is non western.
  2. https://dragcave.net/lineage/fukMi Can I contain it's code on name?
  3. Shan's adventure was fun. But I think the end was a damp squib.
  4. I love them Although I'm 20 and not an english native. This serise made me learn english. I read first when I'm a teenager and didn't know english little bit. Those books I've read just the translated edition. And I realized so soon no more translated books in my native language. I had a dream that read warriors without translation and this came true. Much time has gone and if I become less interested to warriors, I remember this serise motivated me to try to learn english.
  5. South korea. To be honest, I was planned to write not cleary. But I changed my mind
  6. Rubber gloves. So I don't use it when washing dishes. Maybe I have whole latex allergy.
  7. -Books(Include kindle and other E-book reader) -Cats, foxes, fishs for pet and stuffs for them -A lot of gold and jewels -Computers -Tea, sweets, cheese, spicy food
  8. I hope new release is other than western type. and drake would be nice.
  9. taking : none Leaving Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 2G Avata from Ice Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 6G gold shimmer with light lumina Gone