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  1. Instagram system is still confusing for me... Maybe I need to be more active in there.
  2. Please send me their tracker links....
  3. I want to have a break on drawing for a while Because I'm feel abandoned and exhausted. And what about the exam? But also I need and want to keep draw. Need - Rolls x 3 for other player Want - Sakura and cat, Kirby characters as anthros, Fursona's alternative form ref sheet, OC ref sheet, Roll for my characters
  4. This year? no mint. But I don't mind because I already have 2 upside down mints.
  5. Endless frustration... New school term will be begin at Mar.2 (I gave up 1 month of vacation for learning coding.)
  6. I don't think the spriter allowed them use Red sprite.
  7. ....I'm sorry for the dragons. But I enjoyed so much!
  8. sent! ----- Is there anyone got insulting/hateful message? I found report button...
  9. Put some doodle here like what I did last Christmas event or don't do that?