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  1. .......True TPBM left an online community recently.
  2. Sorry for my bad English + vent emotions I think other ARPG players cannot find this unless I mentioned it in DA site or tell them directly.
  3. *Hugs you* I know that feeling and escape from it isn't really easy. I think that's lucky the offices were unharmed too. (Sorry for my bad English.)
  4. False. I'm unable to do it. TPBM has unusual kind of pet.
  5. Study for upcoming exam. But now, I'm drawing my OC instead of doing study. .....blah
  6. False TPBM doesn't really like emojis in general.
  7. Although it's late.. New features are amazing! ----- Please let me return to my hometown with skip the exam.. Kyath, why don't you do study?
  8. Kinda vent I'm sure my fursona will be sacrificed.
  9. I use avatar rotator because I don't want to choose only one. (My OC, fursona arts made by me)
  10. Probably I don't go to catch CB eggs for multiful reasons. When I become active in DC again, I would do it again.
  11. sexists. So I hate men vs women issues.
  12. Kyath The Seahorse Well, I'm no longer being lion+wolf hybird dream worker LOL
  13. I adore your works. But I cannot dare approach to you. You may think I'm a slight thing and look down me. Or just your potential customer? Also, I'm afraid of you too. That's ironic TBH.... (I'm not seeking praise and soothing answers here. I just wanted to do vent this.)
  14. Sending payment via Paypal is very easy then I expected. But that would be difficult sending money to my bank account
  15. Next exam is... What?? coding on paper..?? Small note : My major isn't computer science. If I have a chance to choose again, I would choose computer science. Instead of library and information science. But coding on paper is sounds ridiculous.
  16. Yes, I should do study. But TBH, I'm definitely unwilling to do it. There're so many things I want... annoyng my real life
  17. Okay, I'm still edge. Should I make my Discord account?
  18. TBH, I do not want go to the night time class.
  19. I had too much coffee.... No energy left