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  1. False. That's too acerb to me. TPBM is LGBT+ (Any kind)
  2. I dare to seek art trades and collabs. ..... ??? months later.
  3. TBH, I'm not really willing to draw level up entry arts. Instead of I'd like to make my character's ref sheets.... Anyway, I should do that. Raising number of my original specise related characters, I thinking about sell or trade some of my old personal characters and keep a few of them.
  4. I don't see myself can pass the exam at first try. But I keep do study If I can't understand well. And I know there's an exam that easier than I study ATM. Now, I feel both willing to draw and unwilling to draw.
  5. Hello CPA *Smiles* I'll be on semi-hiatus in ARPGs. And I decided to draw my fursona/personal OCs and my own non-ARPG specise characters. - Today, one of my relative passed away.. That's sad..
  6. If you dislike furries, Then don't read it.
  7. It's toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot today
  8. Hello CPA *Smiles* Long time I didn't visit here. It's too hot today. I wish I have large swimming pool for adults. Now, my body is too big to enter swimming pools for kids. Also, I wish I have a beanbag. Currently I'm into playing multiful ARPGs in Deviantart. Although I'm socially awkward. I enjoy draw my ARPG critters. But... I have some trouble with Discord chatting. I can't mingle with them well. Because I'm not an English native speaker? (Or because I'm socially awkward?) Or.. Just am I a person not appreciated to them? (While I enjoy ARPG... How about my personal OCs..??)
  9. If I move my main flatform to Instagram, Then DA is would be for save my drawings, original species and ARPG purpose.
  10. *Hugs you* I know that feeling.. It's uncomfortable.. And interacting each other isn't easy.. I don't know good solution. But.. good luck..
  11. Sorry for vent, whining again + Bad English and messy
  12. True. I have a snow leopard anthro OC Glácĭes. She needs revamp though. TPBM is an admin(moderator / staff) in other site or small online group.
  13. I'm okay with honeybees. But... I'm afraid of hornets and wasps. Stay away from me.. I hope no wasp and hornet build their hive near my home.
  14. True. I have many dragon OCs. (Include draconic canines.) TPBM enjoys role playing.
  15. Currently my main hobby is drawing. I'm digital animal artist with Clip Studio and tablet. Sadly, I'm no longer being traditional artist. But I still use papers and my mechanical pencil&eraser for sketching. And I play some video games too. Currently I almost stopped reading. And I have many hobbies I gave up. (Singing, Rap, Some of sports, Kinda crafting, Others I can't recall) That's may lucky I don't quit drawing.
  16. Working on a drawing I have to do. But I'm too lazy blah..
  17. False. But I wish I have one. (^ It may TL;TR ^) TPBM enjoys dramas or feeding internet trolls.
  18. Still I need to do tudy for the final exam. But TBH, I'm really unwilling to do it
  19. Disclaimer It may agressive I'm too lazy to do study
  20. Draw some ARPG entries, make my OC ref sheets after the exam is finished Sell some of my books
  21. Name: Kyath Gender: Demi non-binary Sexuality: Asexual Romantic: Aromantic Height: 161CM Hair: Middle brown(Originally black. I got bleach in my hair.) Eyes: Dark brown Skin: (Pass) Current location: (Pass) Zodiac (Tropical Western): Virgo Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Rat Zodiac (Egyptian): Toth Animals: Parrots, Felines, Canines, Some of fishes, Ravens, Crows Color: Red, Blue, Black, Orange Gemstones: Moonstone, Amber, Garnet, Aquamarine, Obsidian Flower: Ranunculus, Camellia, Diphylleia Element: Fire, Ice, Water Wuxing: (Pass) Lucky numbers: (Pass) Season: Fall Time of day: Crepuscular+Nocturnal (?) MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): (Pass) Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Subjects: Library and information science. But I think it isn't good choice for me. But it's too late to change my major. Music: Mainly new age Food: Meat, Sashimi, Junk food(....), Cheese, Some of my country food, Pizza, Spicy food Fish: Raw salmon Meat: Almost everything. I'm carnivore. Fruit: Blueberries, Cherries, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Oranges, Honeydews, Peaches(Prefer soft) Plants and vegetables: Potatoes, Seaweed, Walnuts, Almonds, Macadamias Drink: Soda pop, Coffee, Tea, Sparking water Alcoholic beverage: I drink alcoholic beverage occasionaly Dessert: Ice cream, chocolate, Yogurt, Minty sweets, Cookies Deities and religions: No religion Philosophies: (Pass) Quote: None Hobbies: Web browsing, Drawing(Main), Reading(Currently almost off from it), Play games, Creating characters(....) Article of clothing: Mostly T-shirt and shorts(Or long pants) Keyward: Daydreamer, Fantasy lover, Hobby animal artist, Non-western person, Moody, Socially awkward, Neurotic, Obsession, Inharmony with myself so much